January 30, 2008

Seeing RED

Seeing RED
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Since the Chinese New Year is coming up soon, here's my contribution to a year of prosperity and goodness. :)

[mid week]

A rather long post, but full of my latest scrapping stuff! :)
So, here's some WIP pages for C. She's got the most gorgeous family and i had a lot of fun putting together all the little memorabilia that comes with having a lovely newborn! (come to think of it, i should really do this sort of album for my 2 little girls too!)

January 28, 2008

[weekend pictures]

I had a great weekend scrapping and knitting. Can't really reveal much about the new LOs as i haven't really started taking pictures of them yet, suffice to say that they are all for baby L :)
Here's a sneak preview:

Also, i took some pics of #2 being carried by daddy (yup, he does carry her sometimes, although only when dd #1 is asleep)

January 24, 2008

[Hong Kong DAY 03]

Hongkong DAY 03:
Shopping around H&M; Times Square; Lane Crawford :) Basically SHOPPING!!! heh heh.. and with everything marked down as "Final Sale", we sure did ourselves some great shopping!
All the clothes sorted for Chinese New Year, for us and the girls.
happy shop!
G after her nap at Silvercourt plaza - our fav IT sale shop is there together with some other cool european brands :)
Got bored after a while waiting for us :P
Eagerly anticipating her afternoon milk and snacks
Taking a pic with one of the Olympic mascots - naturally it had to be the Black one.....
more milk tea....
V in a street fashion shot
and some random goodlooking HK girl :)

January 22, 2008

[Hong Kong DAY 02]

DAY 02 : DISNEYLAND + CITYGATE OUTLETSWhat i love most abt hongkong is the type of food that we get to eat there - Macaroni with ham and 'polo' bun - generously laden with MSG and oil! :P YUM....
the famous Milk tea
An excited G on the way to Disneyland
street fashion - us modelling our clothes :) love the weather there! It was a cool 12-15 degrees.... great for some fall wear.
On the special disney train :)
G and her favorite cartoon characters
in front of a pretty pathetic snow white's (oops, sleeping beauty's) castle
Trying to run around
::::::::: a very happy little girl at disneyland :::::::::
G cooperated everyday by falling asleep exactly at 1.30pm so that we could have a great time shopping. If you do get to go to Hkg, you MUST visit Citygate Outlets- great shopping, cool foodcourt, just minutes away from the airport. We (or rather I) did most of our shopping here, snapping up designer togs at 70-90% the original price :)

Dinner was near our hotel - Fried Guo Tiao for V
Raw liver and sliced fish porridge.

[Hong Kong DAY 01]

It was so great taking a short break over an extended weekend - i think i've to make this a quarterly thing! (if funds and babysitting allow for it! :P)
took many many pictures as usual, so this will b a visual diary :)
Day 01:
the sending off party at the brand new T3 - quite disappointing architecturally, but interesting nonetheless
G with her oversized headphones enjoying the new 777 inflight entertainment system :)
Child meal - this is the first time we're getting it and G was just thrilled to see all the treats! :)
A hyperactive kid after all that candy and attention from the flight.
finally arriving at our hotel. Definitely recommend it - excellent location. Although this will be better......
the view from our hotel
V and a very bored G
on the way from the airport, modelling her new winter clothes.

January 17, 2008

[Label Tulip]

Hey! a few more hours to being in HongKong!!! Can't wait to visit.... it's so cool we're so near, i've always enjoyed visiting Hkg, the food, the sounds, the shopping, the people! :) heh heh.. and to top it off, this time round we're going to Disneyland! Yay - it's been a good 20 yrs since i last went to Disneyland, so it'll be fun to see things through my daughter's eyes.
O, do check out Label Tulip's latest kit! i love all the things in there - especially those flocked papers and the felt..... yum!
Here are some of my projects for the DT gallery:

more pics at the gallery! :)

January 15, 2008

[thank you]

for the mention HERE all the way from France (no idea what it says, but it sounds so cool!)

for the mention HERE on my favorite design blog site :)

and thanks to everybody for always bothering to leave comments - i know it takes an effort to do so and would just like to say how much it's appreciated and how it makes me feel so much more passionate about blogging and sharing my works.

it's a rainy afternoon here and it's pouring cats and dogs - i do hope our colds get better!
remember to check back HERE tomorrow for the kit reveal!

January 13, 2008

[excuse me...]

are you a model?
heh heh.. is this considered child labour?
little K posing obligingly for the onesies fashion shoot...
getting grumpy for the 3rd costume change! :P
some embroidered artwork going up in the shop in time for Valentine's day.
my fav so far - i might just keep it for the girl's room :)
a little love shaped scalloped cloud...
love making these clouds! I might do more this week :)

p.s. Off to create with my Label Tulip kit that came on Friday.... oh, and it's the sniffles for our family this week - hope it clears before our trip to Hongkong on thursday! :(

pp.ss. to suzie woozie 2 posts down - the stamps are from October Afternoon. They have great stamps and also rubons! :) Check your lss for details.