November 26, 2008

[the holiday season]

The holiday season is well and truly here! :) By next week, i'm into 'full production' mode for all those holiday pressies and orders that have been collected through out november. You still have another 2 weeks (ish) for international orders and another 3 weeks for local orders! :) But i need a break too, so please order as soon as you can!
So, since it's the holidays for the young ones, i thought we could start a review of 'places to bring your toddler' to. My parents are planning all sorts of places to bring G and K to, and i will try to put up some pictures of their weekly excursions as and when i can. For the local mummies, do share where are the nice places that you've brought your offspring to....

Here are some of the latest pics:
K trying to put the cap onto my nikon.
G and her funny faces
Another one. She's very into reading these days. She can manage "hungry caterpillar" all by herself now! And most of the mothergoose books too.
K in a lovely outfit from her 1st birthday presents!
The little artbag that i've just completed
Here's the personalised art piece - that little 'creature' is from her artbook. I abstracted it and stitched her name on it's back :)
Love the fabrics!
Here's a cropped view of the bag.
The inside pocket. :)
Hope she likes it!!

November 24, 2008


stuffy nose, bad sore throat, all the signs of a flu coming up! Both me and K were under the weather the whole weekend, which didn't make for good company. All we did was just snuggled under the covers and literally slept the day away.... given the stormy weather, it was a real treat to be able to do so! (Thanks V for holding the fort!)
The rest of the weekend was spent getting the tree up (yes, G has started asking if it's Xmas yet!); making a little art bag for a little lady starting school next year (this is a project really dear to my heart, as i LOVED my art classes when i was a kid, so i want to make the PERFECT art bag :); baked some heartshaped muffins; made a little headway into my pile of things to do before xmas! heh heh.....
not much pics due to the stormy weather, but here's some from awhile ago:
what's on my mantle : pots done by me long ago (i really should get back to pottery!); bargain find of a red lamp (i have a set of 3); porcelain bowl filled with mini albums; bunch of xmas decorations in a candle flute; lovely frame made for me by L. :)
On the other side, more pots made by me; framed artwork and our wedding pics; 2 tier bamboo trays from bali; lovely stuffed embroidered hedgehog and bird from HERE.
The 2 of them clowning around..

November 20, 2008


Been very very honored to be posted up onto 2 very high profile architecture sites. Read about them HERE! :)

G has been especially keen to take her own pictures lately. Thanks to digital cameras, (and the no-shake function on the point and shoot), it's been pretty fun seeing what she's interested in capturing! Here's the world from her point of view:
So, a narrative - a lobster in a fish tank, dora bags, more dora bags (she really wanted 1!) haha, a picture of a pretty dress (pink of course), daddy's sexy leg on the escalator, her own foot and shoe, lots of details of the building like the column, the floor and the skylights!, pink flowers, bored mummy, daddy. Quite good a mosaic i must say :)

November 18, 2008


You may have noticed in the last post how enamored was G to her princess-y gown (thanks again ku-ku fiona! :) and what can i say! She's definitely has enough in her to rule the whole household! Here's the latest :
G - I'm the royal princess, mummy, you're the queen, daddy, you're the king, and erm... hmm, *pointing at K*, okay, you can be the dog.....
me - DOG!!! sigh.....

and after that, she called up her grandma and told her that a princess needs a maid, so can she be the maid? (yup, while i listened next to her, speechless at her explanation!) anyways, grandma has since decreed that she's the empress... :)

So, more crafting pics as promised!
This lavender satchet / tree ornament was sketched in my head as an umbrella, but after i made it, G said it looked more like a mushroom tree.....
Various sizes and colours - it smells so good!
detail of a bib
little stuff - together with a baby blankie, it will form a newborn layette set to be listed in my shop soon! :) if you're interested in any of the above, please let me know, holiday stocks are depleting quick!

November 16, 2008

[end of school concert]

G was "mary" in mary had a little lamb at the school concert last friday. As always, it's a thrill to watch your offspring perform on stage, and this year is no exception. She was great, rehearsing many times at home and describing to me all the things she had to do, even down to describing the props! heh..... here are some pics...
Mary and her lambs
The adoring audience :)
Some pics of the 2 before the concert. G was sooo happy to be wearing her "princess" dress, she kept exclaiming spontaneously - don't i look pretty? thanks for making me pretty.. haha.
K is walking really quickly now! She just has to get the hang of putting shoes on!
She likes the dress so much that she's been wearing it at home too!Here is a work in progress of an OA scalloped mini album :
I love thoese felt flowers and the rubons!
They are all over simple, i placed the photo onto the page and cut out the parts that overlapped the scallops
on the other side, i just used little tags or shapes to embellish, and it's really just a place for journalling.These are my scalloped tags! So quick to make - first i goccoed the papers to be cut out, then just run them through the Big Shot machine and voila! Great looking tags for presents. Also, if the design does not cover the whole tag, i find them just the right size for journalling. :)

p.s. anonymous: the wall decals in the girl's room are bought from HERE. i purchased my Gocco machine from EBAY, and the supplies from ETSY. :) Incidentally, shipping from Japan is fantastic! I purchased the goods and it was in Singapore in just 3 days!

November 15, 2008

[creative mentions]

While we're on the subject of cross-publicising (is there a better word?), i think i might give a shout out to some of my favorites at etsy as well -
Fabulous fabulous necklaces and other jewellery in felt from TIJUSAI - i always receive a compliment when i'm adorned in her one of a kind jewellery, and they are super unique! :)

These just arrived in the post and i think i'm addicted to getting 'twee' cottagey craft stuff, but don't they look cool in a modern setting? I just merely adhered the crocheted doilies onto patterned paper, and framed them in a cheapo ikea frame. Tada! The best thing about this is that it is created by a 60 yr old grandmama somewhere in the states! :) Visit her site to purchase your customised one today!
For leather goods, i have bought lots of stuff from HERE - they always never fail to impress!
I think i've given a mention before, but SHE makes the most darling notepapers and cards!

Another picture of the girls' room (before it became our home office, but the decor remains). This time with a series of really cool letterpress cards from HERE. The colours are fantastic and i love how these make totally affordable wall art for any room!

So! Get shopping!! :) and of course, i'm still hard at work with churning out new designs in time for the festivities. Stay tuned, i might have something to show tomorrow!



just been featured at the gorgeous Laurent's treasury on Etsy :) Do pop by and leave a comment!

Thanks for the wonderful encouragement for my class on thursday... i enjoyed the experience very much and LOVED working with the little ones. They were all super enthusiastic about scrapbooking and most managed to complete the mini album :) Hope you had a great class and yes, i'll be thinking about another one really soon!

customised album cover! :)

November 08, 2008


Some LOs that i've recently completed, plus a few snapshots of the girls :)
here they are:
her silly faces
looks almost psychotically scary in this!
i love the grainyness of these pictures! Blame the awful weather for "bleh" indoor shots...
this is how her hair looks after a nap - all wavy and curly

I've been hoarding these papers for like FOREVER! finally broke into them :Plove the flocked 7G pp, tag and that chipboard :P
Another one of those quickie LOs with yummy stuff - these are my real scrap therapies!Journalling

Minibook of OA goodies, this will be part of a xmas lineup of scrapped events :)
New and revamped monogram! (i hope you don't mind L :) An ongoing minialbum that i've finally finished - ie, journalled and photographed!
just some 'current' shots and my thoughts right now...
this is what scrapping is all about!