July 14, 2006

Photo shoot at Sheena's

A little bit of fun at Sheena's place. She needed a toddler as subject to "practice" her photo skills. I'm so pleased at the pictures! They turned out really good.... :D Posted by Picasa

July 12, 2006

Welcome to my B L O G

I've always found blogging excruciatingly embarressing. Never say never, cos here I am now, writing the first entry into my very OWN blog site!

It's been fun looking at other people's blogs, so much so that i have even become what some may call a 'blog stalker'.... there are some daily reads, some weekly reads....

Anyway, the reason why I'm blogging, is so that there can be an outlet for me to record nice and interesting things in our life (!) AND of course, so that i can post all my creative outputs online, and hopefully evolve an online biz (!?)

So, here's to the blogging community - :D