September 28, 2010

[Keppel Marina]

A little known (at least judging by the number of people that were there) small oasis of green and water is Marina at Keppel Bay. We have been there once before, but just had breakfast at the cafe (which incidentally does quite good but slightly pricey breakfast / brunch food). We brought along a picnic this time around, plus the girls brought along books and toys to play with. It's a good alternative for the girls from swimming or the beach, if they (or rather we) do not want too exertive an activity.
As G has started reading more and more, it was so great to have a quiet picnic, where we can all get absorbed in reading our respective novels. K is still too young for that, but was quite happy playing with her cooking set and pretend food!
Here are the pics:
G's really into Enid Blyton now, she has about 20 on her shelves and most of them have been thumbed through at least twice.
We were the only ones there! I guess it was also due to the slightly overcast weather.....

Silly K! She was pretending that her haversack was a camera! Went around like that shouting "say cheese"!
Love this pic of V and G. So happy that G has turned out into a really affectionate child, she loves to snuggle up to us and will usually want to find a lap to sit on or somebody to lean into to. Usually V indulges.... 2 little birkie clad feet
Aren't the tiny ones adorable! :)

Playing with the automatic sprinkler.

A good morning out... and just as well, as soon as we finished our picnic, the heavens opened and it poured!
We were trying to take a group shot with the timer. Unfortunately, in this shot, the background foliage is in focus and not us!
A slightly better one, but G is distracted... :P owell... we'll try again next time!

September 17, 2010

[Another long weekend.... and lots of pictures!]

It has been more than 20 years since I've last stepped foot into the Science Centre. We decided to bring the girls there over the long weekend, as a. we did not want to go anywhere outdoors (too hot!) b. they loved Petrosains in KL c. we did not want to go anywhere that involved too much eating of junk food.
Here's the trip and other things we did over the long weekend! (i LOVE long weekends!)
This is the only thing I remember from our school excursions to the Science Centre - watching real life hatchings from incubated eggs.

New jeans and birkis! And K was so thrilled they had these buggies.
Me and G. She LOVED the science centre, which managed to keep both of them totally occupied for a good half a day.
Giggly giggly girl
Token dinosaur exhibit.

Some pictures of our usual hangout - West Coast Park. This time we went to another part of the park for a different experience.

While the kids napped in the afternoon, I started on a preggy journal album for a client turned good friend... (congrats L!)

Still at the beginning stages, we are going to be documenting the pregnancy and birth as it happens. It's a really exciting project, and I'm really looking forward to the journey! :)

We also made a trip to our nearby Salvation Army (thrift store). It was a good haul for the kids, lots of old enid blytons for G and a cute Dumbo and Maizy book for K.
The last few pics are of G in her ballet class. She's been going for about 2 months now. She seems to really enjoy it, lots of giggling with her classmate and being pretty fairies. I can tell that her posture has improved a lot since she first started too, although only during Ballet class!! She still slouches outside of class....

Another week is over... (so quick!) and we look forward to this weekend where we have 3 birthday parties (!?!?!) to go to, and lots of arty crafty stuff to catch up on!

September 08, 2010

[another short story by G]

Tuesday nights are 'me & my girls' time, as V has to go for classes. I try to make the evening activities more structured, instead of the usual 'own time own target' chillouts that we have when both of us are around. The girls seem to like it, and so far we've been engaged with activities such as making paper mache bowls, baking muffins, lego projects... Last night was no exception, after seeing what she is capable of coming up with, I set G the task of making her small little book. Using an A4 coloured paper, i simply cut them up to the right size, started the first sentence, and voila! after a good half an hour of writing by herself (and only asking once on the sp of 'celebration'), she proudly presented her little short story to me! Here it is:
"My Princess Story" written by Grace Lee (she wanted to write her name in cursive, hence the wierd alphabets)

Hope you enjoyed the little story!! I certainly did and i still lol at the way it is so matter-of-fact - "her mother the queen said she must marry a prince and so she did... " hahaha..

The behind the scenes pictures.

G writing her story...
K was also supposed to be making her little book, but she became quite bored after awhile, and found a much better activity - cutting up paper! heh.

September 06, 2010

[End of Term Party]

The girls had their end-of-term party at the kindie, and considering it was a Friday morning, there were a lot of parents who actually took time off to attend! The kids all had such a good time, especially with stations like dressing up, makeup, nailpolish.... gosh, so much fun!!
G and her bestfriend in school, N
G was my best supporter! She brought a whole bunch of friends to paint and decorate the paper mache bowls at the art and craft station.
Enjoying herself painting the bowls
Love how absorbed they get!
G and her other best friend H having a lot of fun painting.
After that, girls being girls, they LOVED the nailpolish station,
Getting their hair done....
The dressing up station...
K and her fellow classmates looking sooo cute in princess outfits!
K was especially thrilled that there was the Cinderella outfit, the current princess of choice these days....So demure! She would even lift the dress up and walk so daintily around.... :)

G in Belle's costume.... Yup, only a mummy of girls can correctly identify all the princesses costumes!
K in ariel the mermaid princess...
Sisters :)

A scary looking princess!!! she can be sooo goofy sometimes! lol...

More pictures and a full description of the event can be found at the Kindie website HERE.