September 17, 2010

[Another long weekend.... and lots of pictures!]

It has been more than 20 years since I've last stepped foot into the Science Centre. We decided to bring the girls there over the long weekend, as a. we did not want to go anywhere outdoors (too hot!) b. they loved Petrosains in KL c. we did not want to go anywhere that involved too much eating of junk food.
Here's the trip and other things we did over the long weekend! (i LOVE long weekends!)
This is the only thing I remember from our school excursions to the Science Centre - watching real life hatchings from incubated eggs.

New jeans and birkis! And K was so thrilled they had these buggies.
Me and G. She LOVED the science centre, which managed to keep both of them totally occupied for a good half a day.
Giggly giggly girl
Token dinosaur exhibit.

Some pictures of our usual hangout - West Coast Park. This time we went to another part of the park for a different experience.

While the kids napped in the afternoon, I started on a preggy journal album for a client turned good friend... (congrats L!)

Still at the beginning stages, we are going to be documenting the pregnancy and birth as it happens. It's a really exciting project, and I'm really looking forward to the journey! :)

We also made a trip to our nearby Salvation Army (thrift store). It was a good haul for the kids, lots of old enid blytons for G and a cute Dumbo and Maizy book for K.
The last few pics are of G in her ballet class. She's been going for about 2 months now. She seems to really enjoy it, lots of giggling with her classmate and being pretty fairies. I can tell that her posture has improved a lot since she first started too, although only during Ballet class!! She still slouches outside of class....

Another week is over... (so quick!) and we look forward to this weekend where we have 3 birthday parties (!?!?!) to go to, and lots of arty crafty stuff to catch up on!

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