September 06, 2010

[End of Term Party]

The girls had their end-of-term party at the kindie, and considering it was a Friday morning, there were a lot of parents who actually took time off to attend! The kids all had such a good time, especially with stations like dressing up, makeup, nailpolish.... gosh, so much fun!!
G and her bestfriend in school, N
G was my best supporter! She brought a whole bunch of friends to paint and decorate the paper mache bowls at the art and craft station.
Enjoying herself painting the bowls
Love how absorbed they get!
G and her other best friend H having a lot of fun painting.
After that, girls being girls, they LOVED the nailpolish station,
Getting their hair done....
The dressing up station...
K and her fellow classmates looking sooo cute in princess outfits!
K was especially thrilled that there was the Cinderella outfit, the current princess of choice these days....So demure! She would even lift the dress up and walk so daintily around.... :)

G in Belle's costume.... Yup, only a mummy of girls can correctly identify all the princesses costumes!
K in ariel the mermaid princess...
Sisters :)

A scary looking princess!!! she can be sooo goofy sometimes! lol...

More pictures and a full description of the event can be found at the Kindie website HERE.

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