November 30, 2007


V's off work today, so we had a relaxing morning out at the beach. It must b one of K's growth spurt days, cos she fed quite often and was asleep almost the whole day! :) which was great for catching up on my reading and doing nothing much else.....
my girls

K peeking to see if the beach was worth getting up for...perfecting the 'one-hand' carry
G with V

O, and i've finally finished and listed these nano covers! loved doing them, as their petite size makes for easy transportability... these were hand embroidered on car trips, appliqued while nursing, and i just managed to cut up more of them at the beach!

Yesterday rained the whole afternoon, so while G napped, this is what me and my mum did :
Went to daiso today to get some bobbin clips, so here's the final product :)
my lavender stash has arrived - lots of plans for xmas prezzies :)

November 27, 2007

[SMALL albums]

Did a series of smaller albums, with my brand new fabrics! :)
now i'm moving on to making up some IPOD covers and bible covers....
i was thinking of madonna's hit song when i did this :)

love the little fabric tree motifs

all these going up onto my SHOP by tonight.... :)

November 26, 2007

[flower girl]

G's the flower girl for R&L's wedding today. She looked like a little princess in her sparkly flouncy dress, i'm sure she probably felt like one too, with the amount of compliments that she received today! Plus an adoring little 5 yr old boyfriend to boot! :P Here's some shots of her in the dress and some nice family pics courtesy of my dad.
this is wat G does when you ask her to say cheese
my girls
domestic scene - this is me with G, V in the background doing up his hair
nice family pix
K getting winchy
i love this pic, i'm looking at G, V's looking at K, the 2 kids totally oblivious

O, when G napped, i made a little thank you gift for cousin R who lugged back the fabric and book :)
guess wat it is?
it's a nano cover! :)

November 22, 2007

[giving thanks......]

to cousin R for lugging back this whole stack of yummy fabrics... doesn't it just make your heart do a hop and a skip just looking at all these printed goodness?
plus a wonderful book with totally inspiring pictures and projects.
for having time to do some more fabric albums
a little pink album
some yellow albums
blue + duck + leaf my album tower
a smaller album - this japanese fabric looks great irl
my knitting that's going realy slowly as my hands are full churning out fabric albums

K's more and more awake, G's been getting increasingly jealous of mei mei, at times raising her hand to hit her.... :( owell, it's as expected, and we're just taking each day as it comes.

chocolate monkey
she looks exactly like G in this pic
frowny K

p.s. for all the enquiries - i buy my fabric from various sources - spotlight, this really cool old chinese shop at People's Park complex called Golden Dragon, online from, :)

November 18, 2007

[sunday brunch]

pictorial diary of today :
my version of mosaic :)
G and her fav uncle
me n K
our family portrait (finally! Thanks P)
bright and cheery K
love this side profile picture
K very happy in her car seat. She's the cutest and easiest little one, seldom fussing and very contented to stay in her seat or in the sling.more albums completed - this is a new large range i'm making 4 of each
a few more medium sized albums
abstract designs....