November 02, 2007

[more shop updates]

Finally finished up the 'alternative' line. Maybe i should call it the "diffusion range" ... heh heh... like those fashion houses :P
Anyways, here they are - i'm pricing these quite a lot less than the ones on my shop now, so hopefully it'll be well received!
(i'm now anxiously waiting my new stash of fabric that will be arriving mid-month)
This is the lot :)
minimal applique with some buttons
love the buttons :)

some handstitching
this is my fav of the lot - i think i'll make more of this :)

bookends together :)


Creative B Bee said...

Wow!U realy work hard and saw that u try to do colorful design.

Creative B Bee said...
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quietly going mad... said...

when will these be updated to the shop? they are so cute!

Morgan said...

I love the dragonfly print... I might need to visit the shop! Nice job!

Scrappermania said...

Beautiful Books!