October 28, 2009

[Sundays at the beach]

Since the last visit to the beach, we have decided that it should be a weekly / bi-weekly feature for the girls. They absolutely love the sand, the water play and the general chill out factor of being at Sentosa. This weekend, although we had a scant 4 hrs of sleep previously, we managed to bring the girls way before the hot sun came up! Even so, they managed to get all rosy and flushed.... :) All the better for mama's photos!

Cheeky little girl....
Look at her rosy cheeks...
This little one was content to sit on the sand, heaping sand into her purple bucket. *note that she insisted on sitting on my slipper!*
K loved "catching" the water in her bucket
After the sand play, they cooled off at the water fountain.
G was thrilled with making the plastic cups "dance" on the water spouts
Pure Joy....

That night was my little kid cousin's wedding.... It was a great oppurtunity for the girls to wear their twirly skirts! :)
K with cousins J and J
2 sets of sisters
twirly K...

:) A good weekend!

October 22, 2009

[Recent creations]

Have not been able to sit down properly to complete LOs and scrapbooking lately. I think the "temporariness" of our life is really affecting the creative Mojo, especially for scrapbooking! :( I hope it all comes back when the new space (and new craftroom) is ready! Another few more weeks, I'm eagerly anticipating organising and kitting out the new home.
So, here's some of the work that I've been making, over the past few weekend, when there is some free time (usually while watching over the kids in the playroom!)
Together with the OA goodies, I've been given 2 big stacks of paper from Core'dinations cardstock to play with. The good thing about these papers are that they are a single colour on each side, so that when you tear through it, there is a great contrast between the both colours. And the colours, they are just simply Yummy!!! There is a chalky richness that is quite different from my regular cardstock.
I loved cutting up the back of the packaging for the Wild Cards, which gives me these eensy teeny baby wild cards. Super cute right! :)
For my dear parents, who are celebrating their 37th wedding anniversary this year!!
Thanks for having such a brilliant marriage, and by consequence a great example to aspire to for my own!
I love how these pics are, G is so grownup looking, esp in the 2nd photo!
I used the SEI rubon for the heart shape on a giant bazzill brad. :)
All LOs are also up on the October Afternoon blog! Go there for much more inspiration, I love how the other DTs have used the latest collection of pps and rubons.

October 18, 2009

[Katie's 2!]

With Facebook and Flickr accounts, it is difficult to keep track of photos that I've already posted and those that I haven't. :) Realised I have not posted the pics of K's birthday over here, so here they are!
Looking at a handmade card from her sister...
G's drawing of a princess
look at those faces! :) They love opening pressies...
Wonderful twirly skirts that i bought from HERE...G printed this out from the computer and wrote the words herself :)
Playing with new pressies!
She loved her skirt!
G and my mum, G absolutely loves her popo...
K flouncing around, i think G was upset because she didn't want to twirl with her...
Happy again, my parents with the girls :)
Getting winchy....
Finally! K and her own selection - Barney and friends cake...

Family photo.G, looking super grownup for a 4.5 yrold.
K, no longer a baby at 2, but since she's still so chubby and small, I'm allowed to pretend she's still a baby!

October 14, 2009

[Talking Thursdays]

Back to the regular schedule of Talking Thursdays! (on a late saturday.. but better late than never! heehee) :)
I've been inundated with work lately and it didn't help that both the girls and me fell sick! So it was literally a whole week of sleepless nights over here. Anyways, this didn't stop me from starting to think about how to create a nice interior space for the new place. The problem i feel with architects is that we tend to think much more about the configuration of spaces - ie. where the walls should be placed, which spaces overlook each other, what should the overall flow through the spaces be like etc. We seldom ponder very much over what sort of furnitures to purchase, what should the soft finishes be, what sort of decorative lights look better in the space. Of course, with our own home, we are our own clients and have to look into all these things too. Which is very fun, as a lot of it is to do what we love best - shopping! hee......
So, here's what's top on my list of items to purchase (or already purchased)
Some Simple Furniture - especially the clothes trees (which has also a junior version!)

Cute Wallpaper - anybody going to the UK soon?
Ikea's new PS collection ..... especially this wonderful side table!!
Been also dreaming of the perfect sofa, you know, the type that is nice and comfortable enough to fully stretch out and lounge in, yet looks totally presentable and pristine in a more formal setting.... I'm in love with leather sofas, but I really doubt it will be super comfortable to lie in on a hot humid tropical afternoon! (thinking of wet sticky patches... eeeks)
But, if i could, this is what i would get (or something similar):
image via emmas designblogg

sigh.... so many things on my wishlist! Luckily I've already bought all the essentials - sanitary fittings; kitchen equipment etc... hee....

October 09, 2009

[Happy Birthday K!]

Dearest K,
You are the happiest little baby that we have been so blessed to have! Before you were born, we worry that it will be difficult to cope with 2 girls. We worry that we will not be able to give you the same amount of attention and love that G had. Of course, you always had to share us with G, but I think that really shaped your personality. From the day that you were born, you have been such a joy! Your calm and cheerful personality was the perfect counterpoint to a more feisty older sister. :)
At 2, you are able to -
. Speak in complete sentences, although u can't quite pronounce S or F yet.
. Eat on your own (but you're still not on full solids!)
. Play all your games on my iPhone
. Surf your favorite websites on my computer (you esp love YouTube and will ask to watch Hokey Pokey everytime!)
. Play independantly on your own if there are enough things to keep you occupied (a life saver when both me and V are busy at work but need to babysit as well)
. Give spontaneous hugs to us all the time

Most of all, we love how you are so much your own little person, and at 2, you have such a strong personality and we love you so much! Happy Birthday little K! :)

1 day old
7 days old
2 months
7 months
9months1 yr old

15 months18 months


October 04, 2009

[lanterns and birthdays]

Handmade card from G and V. :)

I have been thoroughly spoiled this year for my birthday! Thanks to my parents and sis-in-law, the start of my birthday weekend was a 'child-free' date night out with Vic to try the infamous Morten's steak sandwiches. Together with Lychee martinis, it was a great way to start an adult's night out! :) Part 2 was a great dinner of grilled lambchops and rosemary baked potatoes at the English Pub venue Queen & Mangosteen, Vivocity. The girls then had a nice walk about the rooftop carrying their lanterns. On my actual birthday, we went to the nearby Colbar, a really quaint little part of the Wessex / Portsdown cluster, with ample space for the girls to run around. Now I'm pigging out on mooncakes and coffee..... having a perfect weekend indeed!

Some pics:
Choosing what to have for lunch
cute little overalls :)
Doting grandpa
lunch! Western / Hainanese grub in rustic canteen settingK and me
Me and the girls, not really cooperating for a nice photo
Playing mastermind with Grandpa
Sharing a joke
Peek - a - boo!
Sweet sweet K
Hahaha, this was the look she gave my dad when he called her K.