July 31, 2007

[Bethany Kindie]

One of the greatest thing abt G's kindie is the dedication and love the teachers have for the little ones. They never fail to capture moments that the kids spend in school. And at the end of the term, all the parents get a chance to relive these moments through the CD of pictures that the school compiles for each and every child. We had a lot of fun running through all the pictures with G, she could identify all her friends and all the different activities that they've done throughout last term. Here are some choice pics :
the Love 1 class :)
Every friday is water play - she's obviously oblivious to everything else!
making Hot Cross Buns

July 29, 2007

[lazy rainy weekend]

The weather this week has been unexpectedly cool. This weekend also has been rainy and gloomy outdoors - so we indulged in lazy indoor activities:
baked some oatmeal cookies - recipe from fellow mum HERE ; i didn't have any choc chips, so substituted with some dried cranberries instead :)
did some watercolors with daddy
holding her paintbrush and walking abt the house

posing :)
AND - because of the great weather, G slept for a record 3.5hrs yesterday afternoon. While she slept, i made these:
fabric strips inspired by SHIMANDSONS
actually i like the back of it better! looks like the deconstructivist fabrics used by avante garde london designer H Chalayan :)
the finished pillow case :)
More October Afternoon Layouts
another picture frame to add to the wall :)

July 22, 2007

[i'm SO lucky!]

to be on the coolest DT - if you've not been to the SOMO site - do! It's got the most coordinated kits and the rest of the DTs are the most inspirational and nicest people in the industry! :) For the recent CHA, SOMO launched October Afternoon, and we are so lucky to be the 1st recipients of such yummy goodies! :) Here's a little sneak peek of the generous package that arrived yesterday at the post office......

Loads of rubons - one of the best to use - even G could do it all by herself.
Lots of clear stamps - 2 sets of alphas, a cool range of round stamps, leaf motif stamps, phrases and words stamps.....
another view of the goodies
An LO done with all the October Afternoon stuff

A few weeks ago, C and i did a photoswap. She's really cool and sent me some super pictures! here's what i did with them :
title : 'An original girl-friend' - she's one of my 'blog-friends', a pretty novel concept to me; as well as having a great original scrapping style!
this one done with all the new OA pps and rubons and stamps
and a little RAK to go with the whole parcel :)

[playing charades]

We set up G's table for her, she's ecstatic that she can now draw on her own little table! V drew a hotdog and asked her what it was - "AIRCON" came the reply. So we decided on a little game of charades :
V : when daddy goes running, how do i feel when i get back?
G : Sweaty!
V : but it's not cold, so its?
G : Sweaty!
V : ok, how abt this *draws a dog*
G : looks like a cow....
V : erm.... ok. when we go to ikea, what do we eat?
G : Ketchup!
haha.... we were all rolling on the floor laughing by this time.... here's the pics:

We went to S's place yesterday for the 3 little kiddies to play together. Yummy brunch with bagels, mushroom muffins and waffles with icecream :) The funny thing is - both M & E call their fathers - "papa". So, since yesterday, G's been going - "where's my papa? what's my papa doing? i gotta go and look for my papa... " but when she sees vic, she still goes - daddy!!!
wat a mess!
finally broke into my Amy Butler stash (ouch!) and made G a dress :P
i think it's too long and quite big.
hands in pockets
twirling around
and around!
afternoon tea - mangoes (yum!) and the latest ben&jerry flavor :)

July 20, 2007

[racial harmony day]

My little chinese princess :)
For 'mummy's ah-koh', who gave her this cheongsam when she was abt 1yr old - she just abt fits now, i think it's still a bit too big for her. But the silk fabric is super luxurious, G keeps fingering it as you can tell from the pics!
with her fav lovey - her boo-boo
posing with daddy at school
with her friend elyse - it's so cute that they're both just holding hands and looking at the paparazzi of cameras :)
love those little pigtails - now if only she'll let me do this for her everyday!


My first dress made from a pattern from THIS book. It was really difficult getting a hang of the instructions - since there was only 1 diagram with cryptic numbers. Plus i had NO clue how to make a dress. Anyways, using some salvaged fabric from my mil, i did this over a few nights. G seems to like it, insisting on wearing it to school - but it's racial harmony day today (see next post), so we had to change her!
my model was more interested in doing other stuff than posing.... :P
obviously not fully awake yet! But she loves the fact the skirt covers her knees when she's sitting cross legged...

July 19, 2007

[some LOs]

Did these recently for a DT call, which unfortunately i didn't get chosen. Anyways, it was for 'never before' posted LOs and altered item, so i couldn't show them till now! Here they are -

this was an insert in one of those shadow box frames from Ikea, which i just stacked up with a backing cardboard behind.
can't really see in this pic, but i was experimenting with using lots of transparencies and overlays.

July 16, 2007


As promised: the pictures below are my crafting pursuits over the weekend -Amy Butler pattern for a Velma Bag
My quilted japanese kimono scraps bag - with a proper lining! :)
handles are from a wool offcut which i got from Textile Centre

July 15, 2007

[half of July gone ALREADY!!!]

Another weekend and the shocking realisation that it's already mid-july! Gosh where has the year gone to! Scary scary how time goes by so quickly. Never more so manifested in the way G has been growing up..... this weekend is the dream of all parents - no tantrums, no wingeing, no pushing of any boundaries. G's just been all smiles, all talk, and all the sugar and spice that little girls her age are. She's been super concerned abt me being sick, insisting on being my little 'helper', carrying the empty cups and bowls to the kitchen for me and even trying to carry me to the bed to rest! haha..... so proud of her!
So, we went to the park again this morning, this time slightly earlier, really good weather and a good day out!

O! and on the crafty front - nope, i haven't gone totally off scrapping and crafting, just been too busy to photograph them! :) Proud to say i've just complete my FIRST ever bag made from a pattern :P *heh* Not really pleased with the result - i think it's the stiffness of the bag that i've an issue with. It was actually really easy to follow the instructions and i had a completed bag to show in a couple of hours. So, i finally learnt how to create a lining properly *yes... i know.. i'm slow that way :P* which provided enough motivation and inspiration to just wing the next pattern! Not enough daylight left to take decent pics of the 2 projects, so the pics wil just have to wait till tomorrow!