July 31, 2007

[Bethany Kindie]

One of the greatest thing abt G's kindie is the dedication and love the teachers have for the little ones. They never fail to capture moments that the kids spend in school. And at the end of the term, all the parents get a chance to relive these moments through the CD of pictures that the school compiles for each and every child. We had a lot of fun running through all the pictures with G, she could identify all her friends and all the different activities that they've done throughout last term. Here are some choice pics :
the Love 1 class :)
Every friday is water play - she's obviously oblivious to everything else!
making Hot Cross Buns


ania said...

Oh, that is so cool of the school! And such cute cutiepies there are in the pics...aw :)

lialuvsblythes said...

Jacq, Gracie looks like a wee baby still in that Water Play picture! Love those ponytails!

Scrappy Days said...

Oooh she looks so sweet in picture no.4!! ;-P

a said...

Hi Jacq,

I'm new to your blog and I just wanna tell you that I love it! The stuff you've done are gorgeous!

Just wondering, how much do you charge for a wallet bragbook? I visited your etsy shop, but can't find your email address to email you directly. Maybe you can email me instead?

strawberrymilkmama (at) gmail (dot) com