May 31, 2010

[Long weekend part 3]

Another super long weekend this week (the girls have declared that we should be on holiday as well, and no touching the computers! Who are we to argue with that logic! :) I thought I should really post the pictures up since I hardly ever get the time to do 'middle of the week' posts anymore!! :P
So, here are the pics taken this weekend - the first weekend of the school hols, so it was super fun for the girls, lots of activities....
The National Museum had it's children's activities for the June Hols.
There were nice indoor A/C spaces with wonderful daylight for drawing, playacting, and goofing around
We loved this play space, it was a bright pink! felt wall with very tastefully done up stuffies to form your own scenery. I think if we ever do up the girls' room again, I would love to have this as an interactive wall element on one of the walls. (Maybe not bright pink though... lol)
We then ventured all over the museum. The girls esp liked the wind machine (actually just an A/C vent) at the bridge.
K doing her boogie woogie
I love this staircase. Doesn't it remind you of the one at Aesop's London shop?

Cheeky cheeky girls, I love how this shot turned out. I really wanted all the kids (yes, there were 6 of them!!!) to line up in a row, but obviously that was never meant to happen.
You can tell how much G loved the wind-machine from these pics! She was literally basking in it... (btw, she accessorized with the pearl necklace herself, she's turning preppie!)
Playing with the interactive magnet board
I don't really know how i made this zoomed in shot, but it's a cool effect!
Another one of her jumping
We went to the West Coast park on Sunday morning for some quality outdoor time.... Luckily for the girls, the threatening rain never did appear, so they managed to have the whole morning playing at the many playgrounds there.Pensive K
Love this shot, that funny expression is soooo quintissentially G, i think she was trying to tell her sister something, K looks on puzzled
Following her sister about. I love it when they decide to be friends, to go picking flowers together. Nowadays, their conversations are extremely funny. They love make belief, often playing mummy and baby, and would talk about going to work, cooking, driving etc. It's so cute to watch them play together, and on sunny windy days like this loooong weekend, the magic of having 2 little ones seem so precious and neverending. (until of course reality bites when they start squabbling!!)
The only shot of me! :) I must get in front of the camera more often..... (p.s. P, i'm wearing the linen tunic!)

May 23, 2010

[Long weekend part 2]

Driven out of the house from neighboring renovation works (makes us guilty for putting our neighbors through all that din so many months ago!), we decided to bring the kids out for a day at the museum. This weekend is family fun day at the ACM, a great place to bring the kids to for some good indoor fun. I'm let the pictures do the talking:

Haha, my little poser!
It started to drizzle, but the walk to the museum via the Singapore River was so much cooler as a result.
Love her look in jeansStudying the family activity book. K getting stuck into it immediately.
A little dressing up... she loved all the costumes
My very own little nonya :)

Nothing like icecream to end a perfect morning outing spent at the museum.G on Cavenagh bridge. The weather was soo good today, we were a little bit sad we didn't have the pram with us, which would have made walking outdoors a lot more enjoyable, as K didn't have much stamina left after skipping her regular afternoon naptime.
Trying to get a decent picture with the girls, but K wasn't really coorperating, all she wanted was to lie on daddy's shoulder for her nap!

[Excursion... LRT ride + Sengkang park]

My self-declared long weekend started on Friday when I accompanied the girls on their bi-termnal kindie excursion. Even though there were so many kids, I'm always impressed by how the teachers handle everybody when we're out of the school compound. Even more impressive were the children, who were one of the most well-behaved bunch of kids I've ever come across! (mine included... lol... )
We started with a little trip on public transport (in this case, a chartered LRT no less!) and it was so cute to see the sense of wonder and excitement in the children's faces, and with a little one shouting out the stations as this was his regular route home. We then went to the park, where a wide expanse of green and lots of friends make for a wonderful morning out. The girls as usual, were totally sweaty and yucky after the outing. I definately should do this more, as I'm struck by how fast these years pass by...
K in her little yellow boots. She was soo thrilled that I'm tagging along on the excursion!
With all her friends in the little-est class at Kindie.
Excited, and wondering where her sister was. :)
G picking flowers at the park
While K learnt some frisbee moves from her friends
My favorite shot of the day, look at that sweaty joyous face!

May 16, 2010

[just another ordinary weekend]

We decided to go visit one of our nearby parks this weekend after being told by S that it was a wonderful place to go.... (it was!) Here they are at Kent Ridge Park....
It just cleared after some overnight showers, so it was perfect weather for splashing in puddles. We brought out the boots and there were lots of little and big puddles to splash in.
Funny face 01
Funny face 02
Funny face 03
Finally a nice shot :)
K looking at her little puddle

Such a little cheeky one.
Running about as usual
My 2 little fashionistas (attire: K - Top- neighborhood shop, jeans - baby gap; G - Top & shorts - H&M, bag - gift, both sunglasses from ku ku P, both boots - Friven & co)

Found some time to finish up another clutch with G's sketches. I really should start listing them up on Etsy, just haven't found the time to do so..... :P
The girls had nutella on the patio after their afternoon nap..
They LOVE it, and so do I.. .lol....

Off to finish up my novel now, eat some raisins and have coffee :) Have a great weekend!