May 09, 2010

[Happy Mother's Day!]

Remember THIS sketch? I decided to transfer it onto a bag through stitching. This will be my Mother's Day pressie to my dearest mummy. I figured it is a sort of license to double bragging rights that all moms love! Heh.....
So, to my dearest dearest mummy, this is for you!!! :) Love you to bits.... have a great Mother's Day!
Inside of it is lined with cute mushroom fabric.
I made this other one from the note that G wrote me one morning before dashing off to school. It reads : i made this with love mummy, i **** (cancellations) relly love you. :) heartmeltingly soooo five year old. I'm sure all you mummies out there have tons of these love notes.
Made it into an evening clutch and have been carrying it around since!
One last project, a spectacle case. :)

Lastly, K singing Happy Mother's Day.


Creative B Bee said...

Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for sharing your creations!

Amelia said...

I love these!! Can't wait to see your clutches in person /=)

Daphne said...

You are brilliant, my goodness. These are really quite amazing. Did you take long? It would take me something like, 2-3 years.

jacqyeo said...

Thanks all! :) I had a lot of fun making them and it helps that I get a full half hour session every morning in the car without much else to do except stitch whilst on the way to Kindie. Starting on another one now with G's sketches of dogs and birds... soooo cute!