April 12, 2010

[G's sketches]

Just wanted to put this up for posterity... G's always been an avid sketcher, fascinated with doodling, marking, making up little storylines etc with pen and paper. On the other hand, she has a rather impatient personality (yup, exact copy of yours truly) which thrives on instant gratification. Hence, her sketches though normally pretty descriptive, often lack detail, as she is usually more keen on completing the 'big picture' than embellishing. It also usually has pretty symbolic trademarks, which i guess is a sort of drawing milestone. I felt she reached another milestone yesterday, when we decided to enter her sketch in a contest. I read her the explanation (basically to draw a town and garden), and left her to her own devices. True enough, she dove straight into it with her usual enthusiasm. This time however, it was really interesting to see her use methods of perspective (overlapping scenery), lots of details - like the sign that says "CTE" by the side of the road, road markings and even a tiny caterpillar in the garden. The scale is not quite there yet, but we absolutely loved the confidence of that little sketch. It was in pen, there was no erasing, not hesitation of any sort of putting down her art onto paper.... i would have just deliberated forever if i knew it was a contest! I guess that's the difference between a child and an adult!
Here's the little sketch... (let's hope she wins!)
Sketch by G (age 5)


playfulmeowz said...

G's sketch is really good! Wonder if my boy will ever sketch like that...his colouring is all over the entire piece of paper!!

jknapp00 said...

Amazing! At first I thought it was a stretched canvas. This is definitely frame worthy.