June 28, 2010


Some monograms that I've completed recently, this time for a friend.

Quote - " You shall love the LORD your God with your heart and with all your soul and with all your might - Deuteronomy 6:5"
Her niece is turning 1.... :)
LOVE LOVE LOVE the OA doillie stamp. and the little tiny alphas.

And because i can't resist adding pics of the girls, here are 2 candid shots of K taken in the car.
Have a good week!

June 25, 2010

[our little stay-cation]

We didn't have much time for a long holiday, so initially we wanted to have a short trip somewhere closeby, perhaps in Malaysia or one of the nearby Indonesian islands. Unfortunately, due to our uncertain work schedules, we only managed to book rather late, and most of the choice venues were already fully booked. We then decided to just perhaps do a short hop over to our own little island, where we have stayed a couple of times before. K was a little too young during our previous stay, so for her, it was a totally new and novel experience this time round. Of course, the girls thoroughly enjoyed the extended weekend away, the days were full of sand play, swimming in the pool and soaking in the bathtub. It wasn't as idyllic a vacation as we thought it would be for us, in fact, I felt even more tired after the vacation than before! Keeping up with the energy of the girls, especially G, was super tiring! She wanted to do everything and anything, we had lots of fun building sandcastles, even attending a sandcastle building workshop (it's really fun, but requires a LOT of patience), cycling, swimming in the hotel pool.
K on the other hand was a little more laidback, all she wanted to do was the scoop sand from one pail to another. :)

Here are some of the pics of our trip:
My little bikini babe, all pale and rosy at the start of the holiday.
G, looking so tall for her age!
K, loving her little dimples on the elbows and that cute butt cleavage
V and that look of love on him
Introducing SuperModel Pose #1
Introducing SuperModel Pose#2.Introducing SuperModel Pose #3.
Love the look of happiness
Check out the little boy looking at K in wonder (or bemusement).... love at first sight? lol....
Her cheekiest smile
Waiting for dinner.... she really has grown in leaps and bounds this half a year. She articulates all her sentences so well now (although still mispronouncing her S's and F's)
The scrumptious dinner on the beach.... those baby back ribs..... yummy!
Me, digging in!
G, reading while waiting for the food to arrive. Whenever I see this picture, I'm struck by how similar we are! Growing up, I was never far from a book, I will lug one around wherever i'm going, just in case there are spare moments that I can loose myself in the pages. G is exactly like me in this respect!
One last pic of K, getting more and more tanned as the days went by. We were soo lucky as the weather was unbelievably good for the 3 days we were at the beach, not an overcast day, and only on the last day, there were some short showers in the morning. Lucky girls indeed!

*all shots were taken with my Nikon, with borrowed 50mm 1.4f lens. :)

June 17, 2010

[a week in pictures]

To the regular readers of this blog, so sorry that postings are super sporadic!! :) Work wise, it's getting really busy and we are seriously considering if we should be expanding the office. That comes with it's own can of worms as we know from past experiences, so we really are thinking lots about it! In the meantime, we try to manage on our own and that means lots of working into the wee hours of the morning. Which then means less time for postings!

Here's our week in pics :
We celebrated my dearest Papa's birthday by taking a day off work to spend the whole day just across the causeway. It was really quite a relaxing day off, the weather was really great and the malls and eating places were quiet cos it was a weekday. We had so much good (and cheap!) food to eat. Here's our lunch place - a kelong (hut on stilts over water) with super fresh seafood!
V and G, it was V's bday celebration too, they have their bday's just 1 day apart.
Me sneaking a kiss at K.
After we got back to Singapore the next day, G had to be warded in for a day surgery at the General Hospital. She had a certain tooth problem, which has been diagnosed as something called the High Risk Caries, which manifests itself in lots of tooth cavities. Due to the late discovery of this, she has 1 tooth that is beyond saving and needs a root canal treatment as it will be another 5 more years before the permanent teeth replaces it. Sigh, sounds super painful and we opted for the General Aneasthesia option, which means that G will hopefully have the most peaceful sleep and then wake up with a mouthful of clean and good teeth (or at least well protected ones!)
Still happy before the Op, she actually took to it very well. I think it was infinitely more painful for us as parents to watch our little girl be put under GA (i had to hold her struggling against me until the meds took effect.... sob sob) Of course at times like this, the "guilt" in us raises it's ugly head and we do feel sooo guilty for not doing all we could to have prevented this. So now, lesson learnt, we are keeping extra vigilent on the younger one, and also making sure the girls have extra hygiene control as far as their teeth are concerned!
Much happier girl after the op, she had a goodie bag from mummy and daddy as a "brave girl" pressie. More than anything, she was thrilled that she had us BOTH to herself the whole day!
Brought the girls to the perennial favorite OCC (or affectionately known to the girls as the "ball ball place") over the weekend. It was really great, not crowded as we were one of the first few there. They loved the toddler area, and the main climbing space. G was the best big sister the whole morning, proudly leading her little sister onto the higher portions of the climbing frame and helping her over the difficult bits.
We then had lunch at the Jap restaurant there. Really good way to spend a Sunday morning! :)
Also spent the majority of my free time (ie girl's naptime) making up my Pupsik orders :)
Hope the receipients like them!
Over and out for this week, we're looking forward to an extended weekend at Sentosa, where we will stay in our "regular" hotel :) The girls love the sand and beach, and we figured that it will be just as nice staying in the country.

June 08, 2010

[1st week of school hols]

Where did all the time go! Lots of swim dates, movies, libraries.... here's the week in pics from my iphone. :)G wanted me to take a pic of her behind the standee
Borrowed this book from the library. Very good, it's been working over the weekend so far! :)
Going for her ballet class - poor girl lost so much weight due to a bout of stomach virus.
Peeping at the earlier class.
Making some monograms for a commissioned project.
Close up of the "O".
Cheeky little one!

We're off to a day-long celebration with my dearest papa tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA!! :)