June 08, 2010

[1st week of school hols]

Where did all the time go! Lots of swim dates, movies, libraries.... here's the week in pics from my iphone. :)G wanted me to take a pic of her behind the standee
Borrowed this book from the library. Very good, it's been working over the weekend so far! :)
Going for her ballet class - poor girl lost so much weight due to a bout of stomach virus.
Peeping at the earlier class.
Making some monograms for a commissioned project.
Close up of the "O".
Cheeky little one!

We're off to a day-long celebration with my dearest papa tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA!! :)


Lynette C said...

Hi J,

May I ask where is this Buzz Lightyears standee? My son is a BIG fan of Buzz Lightyears. We are visting Singapore in July and I bet my son would be thrilled to have a photo taken behind the standee like G.

e-mail : khlynette@yahoo.com

JACQ said...

Hi Lynette - the buzz lightyear standee is at Jurong Point. They were having an event there. Not sure if it will still be there in July though. :)
Hope it helps!