May 29, 2008

[super thrilled!]

to be featured HERE! looking at the fabulous crafters that marichelle has been introducing day after day, i'm more than thrilled to be put into the same category as these ladies :) Thanks so much for featuring my work!!! :)

May 28, 2008

hongkong trip and other stuff

lots and lots of pictures! my photo log has been lagging behind my blogging schedule... :P So, the next few posts will be mainly pictures, not so much words!
having fun at the horseracing grounds in the middle of central hongkong island.
G has a thing abt corners, and she was thrilled that there was a tiny one in our hotel room :)
So different from our previous trips, G loves her pram now... she keeps wanting to sit in it :P
becoming lazy? heh heh.
This is what a shopaholic family looks like :)
caught in the act! (my fav shop - h&m - i can't wait till they come to singapore!)
G in my trendy new glasses...

clowning aroundsome cosies and felt pockets for the Functional Felt Swap :)
a little book on my girls that i've just completed :)
a series of commissioned small wedding albums - Book 01 - To Have Book 02 - & To Hold, Book 03 - Forever... :)

May 21, 2008


Yay, i've finally managed to get published :) So cool to see my name printed out in a book. Here's what i received - hot off the post office :

These last few days have been really hectic, rushed off my feet with a presentation due in china in a couple of days. There was a little bit of time in the midst of all these madness for some crafting though - here are 3 little customised cosies that i made over the week :
And, in the middle of rushing, i took a computer break and made these:

And last but not least, i've been nominated by a good friend, fellow crafter, great mum - A :)

Now i need to return the favor and spread the good cheer around! (no time now to put in my favs, but i'll definitely do so in the next post!)

So, will be MIA for awhile as i'll be going to HKG for the weekend..... see ya!

When i'm back, will be posting - 2 mini albums for a coming wedding! and an altered wedding box for the same wedding - keep posted!

May 15, 2008

[3-yr old : sketches]

Last night, i told little G, let's do our own stuff (because i wanted to finish off my novel :P)... so, she took out her little notebook and started doing her own drawings. She first drew the flower, which i said - Wow! that's such a pretty flower! - inspired, she continued with Flower #2, which she declared - A ROSE! - and then got a bit bored and decided to draw mummy. Which she gave the token 2 arms and legs, with Curly Wurly hair and big eyes. Lucky thing she didn't draw a big mouth! Lol.... After that, she decided she was better at flowers and drew the rest, which she critiqued - these look more like bracelets mummy. :P
So, here's the masterpiece :
this is little K's passport picture:

May 10, 2008

[mothering sunday]

Happy Mother's Day!!! To all you mums out there - put yr feet up and have a really great mothers' day!
G has this to say:

Mum : thanks for being a great mum! I would not be able to live out so many of my dreams, put out there so much of myself and have the time and energy to do so much - if not for yr constant and unstinting support. You have always made time for me, encouraging and always positive about all that i've been doing.... THANK YOU .... i love you.

To my dear mil too - who has obliterated all nightmare stories of dreadful in-laws. I'm so glad we get along so well and how i've been so lovingly welcomed into the family.

[little commando crawler]

That's what K is right now. the speed that she can move about on all fours is increasing everyday. She first started being able to crawl about 3 days ago, now she's moving about the floor with incredible determination and speed. Her favorite places to crawl to - the rattan chair, the dining room platform, the niche shelving in the lounge platform. I've to totally babyproof the hall now, esp with G being so into her puzzles and tiny lego.
Here's a pic of those yummy chubby limbs :

Over the week, i completed another set of iPhone & nano cosies. In a bid to make it less girly, i'm adding more 'masculine' colours :P What do you think? Go HERE to see the whole lot.
Finally completed my laptop holder for SIL :) complete with handles and button closure.

A custom order in the post :

The more masculine colour palette:Thanks to M for the scrap fabrics with these cute birdcages! :)

Have a great mother's day and a good weekend everybody! :)

May 04, 2008


so thankful for my group of friends... they keep me sane, happy, confident, myself.

We had a great day out in the morning at the gardens - it was super hot! but there were moments of cool breeze. The picnic spread was great (thanks A & G who organised it all) the kiddies all had a great time.. and we got to catch up with friends whom we haven't seen in ages!
little k enjoying the swing seat
cute little girls :)
enjoying the bubbles
love the action in these shots
different versions of bubble blowing....
this is how you do it!
this is what a bunch of architect mummies look like :)
all sweaty and rosy
the girls

night time was a more subdued affair with G's favorite uncle Y & auntie P, who will b migrating to australia in 10 days (gosh, so quick!) ... we'll miss them so much! :( luckily there's always skype and ichat!

A customised cosy for a amazon kindle - what a fantastic machine - this is the first time i'm hearing abt it! :)

May 02, 2008


NOT! heh heh.... sorry for the corniness....
it's a good long holiday - i'm really glad that it's only midway through our 4 day weekend. It's been really fun. G's really starting to play on her own now - i've always wanted to find out when it was that children do this - and it's only this weekend that she's been pretty much independently playing with her puzzles, doing her painting etc. She's also so good at writing now - she's able to write most of the alphabets and some numbers - sometimes it's a bit of a fluke, but it's becoming more and more deliberate now. Her current fav activity - jigsaw puzzles! She's already gone through all her puzzles a few rounds, and she's starting to get bored.... anybody want to swap?
K is also getting much more vocal - she doesn't like something and makes it known - LOUD! heh heh...
Anyways, here's a little excerpt of this month's SOMO gallery -
the full gallery is HERE.
here's a laptop cosy for my dearest sil P who's been so terrific at babysitting G while i went for a haircut and a date night :)
made a lot of cosies over the week.... more pics of them can be found HERE.

O, and the most exciting change that happened over the week - i had a total hair makeover! :) after MUCH deliberation, i finally went under the hot rolls and here's what i look like now....
from this to:
this! :) what do you think? it's definitely much easier to manage - no real need for any styling whatsoever.
I still get a shock everytime i look in the mirror though.. heh heh - totally not used to the new look at all! :P
o, i'm addicted to THIS now.... thanks B for telling me abt it, i can't imagine i've been using the mac for so long and it's always been in it! :) so, the may newsletter will be out soon - leave a comment if you're not on the mailing list....