May 04, 2008


so thankful for my group of friends... they keep me sane, happy, confident, myself.

We had a great day out in the morning at the gardens - it was super hot! but there were moments of cool breeze. The picnic spread was great (thanks A & G who organised it all) the kiddies all had a great time.. and we got to catch up with friends whom we haven't seen in ages!
little k enjoying the swing seat
cute little girls :)
enjoying the bubbles
love the action in these shots
different versions of bubble blowing....
this is how you do it!
this is what a bunch of architect mummies look like :)
all sweaty and rosy
the girls

night time was a more subdued affair with G's favorite uncle Y & auntie P, who will b migrating to australia in 10 days (gosh, so quick!) ... we'll miss them so much! :( luckily there's always skype and ichat!

A customised cosy for a amazon kindle - what a fantastic machine - this is the first time i'm hearing abt it! :)

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Blue Banana said...

Ooo Love the picture of K!!!