May 10, 2008

[mothering sunday]

Happy Mother's Day!!! To all you mums out there - put yr feet up and have a really great mothers' day!
G has this to say:

Mum : thanks for being a great mum! I would not be able to live out so many of my dreams, put out there so much of myself and have the time and energy to do so much - if not for yr constant and unstinting support. You have always made time for me, encouraging and always positive about all that i've been doing.... THANK YOU .... i love you.

To my dear mil too - who has obliterated all nightmare stories of dreadful in-laws. I'm so glad we get along so well and how i've been so lovingly welcomed into the family.


Creative B Bee said...

So sweet of yr G.
Happy Mother's Day!

call me Jennie or Jenn said...

Happy Mother's Day! Jacq