April 22, 2008

[being mama]

you know when you're first expecting a child, they tell you that you will feel a love for him/her that you've never experienced before. And it was true! When G arrived in our lives, we loved her, with the very core of our being... it sounds really corny, but i suppose it really is a different league of love. now the other thing that is equally strong, equally constant, and felt with the most acute and nagging pain, is that of guilt. Yup, nobody told me about that one! i never realised the sort of guilt that exists until i became a mother. it's the single other emotion other than love that is always present - the guilt of not spending enough time with them; not knowing if you've done enough for them; guilty for wanting to not spend 24hrs of your time with them; guilty for scolding them too harshly.... Last weekend, little K somehow rolled off the bed in the wee hours of the morning. I still keep having lots of horrible guilty 'what ifs' thoughts about it..... i think we never forget the experience, the very sound of her falling off is permanently etched in my memory. Luckily she is okay, although i'm sure we will be attributing all the little things that crop up to this incident.... wondering all the time if it had damaged her growth in any way.

Some pictures to share of the 2 over the weekend..... K has now started to sit unsupported! But she still falls over quite easily, so we're careful abt putting her upright. As always, she's always such an adorable smiley baby... she especially loves G doing the "on the knee" song and just laughs out loud when G plays with her.

There were tons of the kit leftover for lots more projects and LOs after my DT assignments for SOMO this month, so i created a few more for the family....
O and these arrived! Pure Merino Wool..... don't you just love the colours! :)

[customised work]

I think the type of craft i like to do most would have to be the customised work. I like the fact that i'm making it for somebody out there, and it's great that etsy is such a good platform for such work! Recently, i've been doing a few customised blankies, onesies and cosies :) Also, just finished a bible cover for my dd's favorite teacher in her kindie :) i hope you like it S! (coincidentally, all the bible covers that i've done are for names starting with S)

a big thank you to BABYLOGY that featured my blankies here. :)

April 17, 2008

[some random stuff]

Not much to post lately.. work has been hectic, but i managed a secret (at least from the kids) time off yesterday afternoon. It was sooo good to have a nice long chit chat with my 2 closest girlfriends. We all had our kids around the same time, so it's really difficult to coincide our timetables to meet up. And when we do meetup, it's usually with the kids, virtually impossible to have one of those intense girlie sessions :) I thoroughly enjoyed the yakking, the giggling, the dessert indulging, the blissful pampering.... soo soo glad to have these girls in my life! Thanks PS and S :) so, we HAVE to do this more often! (after much thinking, we realised we say this everytime we meet, but the last time we did it was more than half a year ago!)

Nothing much to post, except that the SOMO gallery is up!
Here's a sneak peak at wat i did.. head HERE for more eye candy!

April 14, 2008

[the things she says]

G's really funny nowadays... the things that she says:
- mummy, can we get a black lexus, so that i can call it "black-xus"
- wat's yr name in chinese mummy? -me : yang liyue (my real name in chinese); G : wrong! that's not yr name - your name is "ma ma" (mummy in chinese) lol....
- you know why i'm doing this mummy (jumping around and wriggling her butt).... because i want to make you happy :)
- do you know why i know everything? Cos i'm SMART! smart is also when it's very painful when you get hurt.

lol... that's a miss know-it-all 3yr old for you!

Here's some images of the stuff i've been doing the past week.... lots and lots of baby onesies!

They are all in various sizes ranging from 6mths to 24months. Just email me if you see something you like here as not all are up on my shop.
Also, lots of people from Etsy have been moving over HERE .... i just had to jump onto the bandwagon too! :)

April 06, 2008

[new stuff]

So fun to see things that i have in my head being made into reality :
i've always wanted to use industrial felt for something really 'twee' like a cafeteire cosy :)

love how the back part just sort of buttons up like a slinky dress
more industrial felt stuff - these are the backs of the pouches i've been making
been making more applique stuff
that word above reads "dream". it's a little more legible irl...
completed cosies - more pics are on my flickr site
i had a lot of fun making these "his" and "hers" onesies for a pair of newborn twins :)

you like my little jelly bean shapes :)
completed felt pouches
this is what happens when you craft with toddlers around the house. My pouches inadvertantly gets filled with all sorts of stuff - today it's a building block; yesterday it was an action man & polly pocket's 'house'; sometimes it's just so conveniently used to store all sorts of small toys.... sigh....
love how she does this 'penguin' belly flop now.
always smiling, laughing... she really is a huge (and heavy!) bundle of joy
look at me - wheeee

*househunt update - seen a few more places and it is getting closer now! i can feel it in my bones.... let's just hope the bank lends us the amount of cash we need..... sigh, i hate being a grownup sometimes :P

*btw, i've also been sending out newsletter - if you wish to be sent one, please email me at : jacqvic[at]gmail.com

April 03, 2008

[she makes my heart melt]

had to blog abt this - G came home yesterday, with a cute little song for us :
"mummy mummy i love you
do you know that i really do;
i know that you love me too
so i sing for you"
So cute!!! :) i've a video of it too, i just need to find out how to upload it!

April 01, 2008

[weekend pics]

a commissioned LO by a returning customer (don't you love those! :)
A very very good BBQ by my highschool friends (it was really great meeting up with everybody + hubs + kids again! After sooo many many years!)
A good turnout!
K in the baby carrier :)