April 06, 2008

[new stuff]

So fun to see things that i have in my head being made into reality :
i've always wanted to use industrial felt for something really 'twee' like a cafeteire cosy :)

love how the back part just sort of buttons up like a slinky dress
more industrial felt stuff - these are the backs of the pouches i've been making
been making more applique stuff
that word above reads "dream". it's a little more legible irl...
completed cosies - more pics are on my flickr site
i had a lot of fun making these "his" and "hers" onesies for a pair of newborn twins :)

you like my little jelly bean shapes :)
completed felt pouches
this is what happens when you craft with toddlers around the house. My pouches inadvertantly gets filled with all sorts of stuff - today it's a building block; yesterday it was an action man & polly pocket's 'house'; sometimes it's just so conveniently used to store all sorts of small toys.... sigh....
love how she does this 'penguin' belly flop now.
always smiling, laughing... she really is a huge (and heavy!) bundle of joy
look at me - wheeee

*househunt update - seen a few more places and it is getting closer now! i can feel it in my bones.... let's just hope the bank lends us the amount of cash we need..... sigh, i hate being a grownup sometimes :P

*btw, i've also been sending out newsletter - if you wish to be sent one, please email me at : jacqvic[at]gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Oh my! I love your felt pouches!! Your appliques are gorgeous. And so is your cutie pie!! Thanks for the newsletter too!
elaine t

scrap-myself-silly said...

Jacq...the onesies are absolutely LOVELY!!!


CalicoDaisy said...

I love your cafe cozies, and your site as well. Very pretty. I just bought a coffee press for my nephew as part of his wedding gift with the intention of making a cozy I saw in a book. I like how you added the freestyle embroidery. -- Michele