August 29, 2007

[i did it!] *test*

Just discovered that blogger had a cool video insert icon. So i'm testing it out....

August 26, 2007

[commissioned work]

Just finished up a commissioned work - it's a guest book album cover for a little girl's bar mitzvah. Isn't she gorgeous! I wanted a very girlie and young feel to it all and also to add on to the glitzy pomp with lots of diamantes and velvet trimmings. :) Here's what i did - (delivering the goods tomorrow, i hope she'll like it!)

Of course, i can't help take more pics of G over the weekend. Here's some pics of her in a giggly mood after her afternoon nap!

Went to the beach on sat, the park on sun, cleared up some of my stuff from my parents place, did some springcleaning at home, made lots of teacher's day pressies, took wonderful pics that are totally scrapilicious (just in time for the SOMO kit that's arriving any day now), been selected for an awesome kit club, did another embroidered photo album cover, cut up the same pattern for a further 3 album covers (to be done in the car on the way to work next week :P)

All in all, a really fruitful weekend - G is so adept at scrapbooking now! She picks out her own rubons, does the rubbing on herself and the look of seriousness on her face is priceless. O! And when my dad asked her to imitate me walking - she pushed out her tummy and started waddling - gosh.... so funny.... :)

August 25, 2007

[so happy because.... ]

yippee yippee yay yay!

I've been chosen as DT for a great kit club! :) Go HERE for more info, thanks to MG for the blog post on the dt opening and also to C & A at LT for choosing me! Can't wait to get started on the kits and also getting to know the rest of the pple on the forum.
*big smile*

[beach fun] *many pics*

More beach fun today! G loved the beach so much during our mini-vacation, that once our work commitments were over, we promised her a trip to Sentosa again. This time around, we had company! Sad that PS couldn't make it on our mummies day out - but S could and G and E managed to play together (somewhat) and we all had a great morning out!
So, here's the pics:
love this shot that V captured of both of us
2 preggie mummies with their little ones
me and G clowning around
trying to get a group shot
E with cookie the bear
G - love her little fat rolls! :)
the girls
all flushed up

I think we've decided that this trip was such a success we're going to try it again soon! :)

August 22, 2007

[rainy days = no blogging]

Yup! Been totally annoyed at the weather these few days - no decent sun to take any good pics, so i'm still holding back on posting some of my recent stuff with the fabric covers. The sun popped out for a few minutes this afternoon, so i managed to get a few pics of the ones that i've just completed. I'll retake the shots when i get better daylight though...... but for now, here they are:

*G is always asking if we received any new parcels - she knows that her shopaholic mummy and daddy are always receiving things in the post from online orders :) So, we decided to surprise her last night with a self-delivered parcel addressed to Gracie.. she was beyond thrilled - kept telling us that she received a parcel! heh heh.... it's been so fun we might do it again soon.......

August 19, 2007

[first haircut]

As promised - the 'after' pics of G's haircut. As some of you know, G came out with very little hair, and she didn't even grow any hair until her 1st bday. Then, suddenly, out came these fine curly wisps of hair, growing fuller and fuller each day. We haven't had the heart to cut those gorgeous bangs till now, as it keeps getting entangled and she seems to be constantly flicking her hair away from her neck and face.

Sorry for the blurred pics, she just wouldn't stay still!
O and i did do another embroidered album - thanks for all the nice comments on the last one!
But the lighting was really bad, so i'll post the pics tomorrow :)

August 18, 2007

[weekend crafting-part 1]

It must be the pregnancy hormones - i'm up this morning at around 6am. The weather was perfect for sleeping in - rainy, dark, super comfy under the duvet type of weekend weather. BUT - #2 obviously was raring to go - she was somersaulting, kicking, punching, pushing.... haha. i could just imagine the baby going - GET UP mum, i need some space! So, what better to do on a saturday morning of total quiet than to catch up on my crafting. I've been working late nites these few days, but have been surfing quite a bit at work, so there's lots of ideas floating about in my head, just needed the time to execute them.

Here's what i did:
Step 1 : sew a few layers of patterned cloth below your linen cover
Any pattern will do - this is inspired by some of the architectural lines i've been drawing at work :P
using a sharp pair of scissors, snip off the top layer to reveal the pieces behind! (so cool right, the whole act of revealing is really quite exciting)
embellish, applique, stitch on more stuff on the outside..
The completed album cover - i've just used a simple 40 sleeve 4R Muji plain album as the insert, but i suppose one could do this over any type of journal or book!
*it's so simple to do that i completed this in just under 1 hr - i'm now digging up all my scraps and hoping to try out more of them tonight! :)

O! and i cut G's hair this morning- this is the before shot - with her super long curly hair.... stay tuned to see the After shot!!! :)

August 16, 2007

[October Afternoon]

the name's so cool right! :) heeheee... so anyways, i've been sent a whole bunch of OA stuff by the fabulous Kim and Jon, and somehow just keep going back to them for my LOs. Do check out the new online catalogue HERE (i haven't figured out abt orders yet, but will keep you all updated on my blog) There's a DT call going on too - so please do send in your LOs for consideration! :)

Here's my latest LO:
*papers, stamps and rubons from OA; stickers from 7G, stamps from Purple Onion, Hambly transparency.

O! and i've just ordered a bunch of these MOO cards!!! Can't wait for them to arrive :)

August 15, 2007

[preggie pics]

Have been getting all sorts of preggie related grouses lately - backache, heartburn, general lethargy. Doesn't help that i've been deprived of sleep! So, for all the friends who hasn't been able to meet up due to our respective work commitments - here's what i look like now :)
and of cos more pics of G - these were taken by SIL at a recent photoshoot of cousin R's wedding pics :) i wasn't able to attend cos i was working - wish i could have been there though - maybe she would have smiled more!

August 12, 2007

[scrapping trivia and sneaks]

Just a bit of scrapping trivia - do u know that 4 HS stickers fit over a 4R portrait picture? and 5 HS stickers fit over a landscape 4R pic? heh heh... i think i'm really sad - but i was gleefully announcing it to everybody who would listen abt this little discovery.... :P Anyways, that was the main idea behind an LO done for SOMO.
O, and i've just finished my assignments for the July SOMO kit :) love the colours - perfect for the holiday pics.
for the full layouts - go HERE. Can't wait for the August kit to arrive.

Have a great Sunday!!! :)

August 09, 2007

[SOMO jul]

The SOMO new august kit is UP!!! :) Always so excited to see the new kits from this website - Kim has the most wonderful taste in products and everytime i get a new kit, i'll think it's the best one so far! heh heh.... love the stamps as usual.... O! and the gallery has been changed too - aren't the colours yummy?

Today's a public holiday, but unfortunately, both me and v will be working :( G has been a good sport abt it though - she'll be 'camping' at her grandparents place tonite.

Also, it must be the nesting instinct, but i've been thinking of re-doing my room and also the girls' room. This website has always been super inspirational in terms of interior scapes, so i picked out a few that i liked -
i love the colours in this - i think i might do a green room :)
quirky prints
the 2 left images inspire me!
how abt some mirrors and framed art
my parents have an ornate chair - i wonder if i reupholster it and paint the wood white- will it look like the image on the left?

*all images are courtesy of Decor8

August 06, 2007

[fun fun fun!]

Who would have thought - a skip and a hop away from the mainland can be SO much fun! G loved our little getaway - we surprised her with the hotel room (she kept asking - are we in Korea? lol.... as that was our last holiday) She totally enjoyed the beach and swimming in the pool. We're also totally rejuvenated after a long weekend of doing nothing much :)
Loads of pics - it gets a bit monotonous after awhile :P but if you want to go browse - click HERE.
I've selected a few :
lots and lots of giggly fun!

saying "cheese"

G & Me :)

swimming with daddy....

and G has grown up SOOO quickly! i love how she's so independant now - she has her own views on everything, constantly picking up on our conversations, talking abt all her observations. She's got this really droll way of saying 'You Know....' now that's simply hilarious! and she's not even 2.5 yet! Slow Down with the growing up baby!

*eta: just collected my SOMO DT kit for August - the contents are GORGEOUS! can't wait to get down to scrapping all my holiday pics :)