August 19, 2007

[first haircut]

As promised - the 'after' pics of G's haircut. As some of you know, G came out with very little hair, and she didn't even grow any hair until her 1st bday. Then, suddenly, out came these fine curly wisps of hair, growing fuller and fuller each day. We haven't had the heart to cut those gorgeous bangs till now, as it keeps getting entangled and she seems to be constantly flicking her hair away from her neck and face.

Sorry for the blurred pics, she just wouldn't stay still!
O and i did do another embroidered album - thanks for all the nice comments on the last one!
But the lighting was really bad, so i'll post the pics tomorrow :)

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Marr said...

she's such a doll!! :) Seth has gone botak on Sunday! kekekkeek