August 06, 2007

[fun fun fun!]

Who would have thought - a skip and a hop away from the mainland can be SO much fun! G loved our little getaway - we surprised her with the hotel room (she kept asking - are we in Korea? lol.... as that was our last holiday) She totally enjoyed the beach and swimming in the pool. We're also totally rejuvenated after a long weekend of doing nothing much :)
Loads of pics - it gets a bit monotonous after awhile :P but if you want to go browse - click HERE.
I've selected a few :
lots and lots of giggly fun!

saying "cheese"

G & Me :)

swimming with daddy....

and G has grown up SOOO quickly! i love how she's so independant now - she has her own views on everything, constantly picking up on our conversations, talking abt all her observations. She's got this really droll way of saying 'You Know....' now that's simply hilarious! and she's not even 2.5 yet! Slow Down with the growing up baby!

*eta: just collected my SOMO DT kit for August - the contents are GORGEOUS! can't wait to get down to scrapping all my holiday pics :)


Mel said...

wah..glad u guys had a great holiday! :) sometimes, it's all in the mind, isn't it. :) very nice pictures and resort!

meta-lodestar said...

love the picts, the smiles and the great resort! I am so tempted too! :D Yes, I just want another excuse to get away!

Scrappy Days said...

Oh yes! Love the pics! That smile on G is totally priceless!!

Michelle Guray said...

oh i love the first pic of G! she's so cute with those braids! and what a lovely getaway.