August 18, 2007

[weekend crafting-part 1]

It must be the pregnancy hormones - i'm up this morning at around 6am. The weather was perfect for sleeping in - rainy, dark, super comfy under the duvet type of weekend weather. BUT - #2 obviously was raring to go - she was somersaulting, kicking, punching, pushing.... haha. i could just imagine the baby going - GET UP mum, i need some space! So, what better to do on a saturday morning of total quiet than to catch up on my crafting. I've been working late nites these few days, but have been surfing quite a bit at work, so there's lots of ideas floating about in my head, just needed the time to execute them.

Here's what i did:
Step 1 : sew a few layers of patterned cloth below your linen cover
Any pattern will do - this is inspired by some of the architectural lines i've been drawing at work :P
using a sharp pair of scissors, snip off the top layer to reveal the pieces behind! (so cool right, the whole act of revealing is really quite exciting)
embellish, applique, stitch on more stuff on the outside..
The completed album cover - i've just used a simple 40 sleeve 4R Muji plain album as the insert, but i suppose one could do this over any type of journal or book!
*it's so simple to do that i completed this in just under 1 hr - i'm now digging up all my scraps and hoping to try out more of them tonight! :)

O! and i cut G's hair this morning- this is the before shot - with her super long curly hair.... stay tuned to see the After shot!!! :)


lalalee said...

Hi Jacq,

I have had your blog in my bloglines feeds for a while and thought it time to pop in and say HELLO as I love your gorgeous creations, and your daughter is such a CUTIE!

Anyway, I love your fabric album, OH MY GOODNESS that is totally AWESOME!! What a super idea, soo cool! Thanks heaps for sharing.

Have a fantastic day,


Lee L. in Australia

Mel said...

that's really nice!!

Starlight said...

this is one of the cutest things I ever seen!!!
May I lift you?

Elle's Studio said...

Love that! You do FAB work!!!

*~*Amber*~* said...

wow... love that journal... so amazing. I am so "sewing challenged" just got my first one in March... haven't done much... you definately give me some inspo... but don't know where to start!!
xoxo Can't wait to see G's hair!

Anonymous said...

LOVE that book cover!!! thank you so much for sharing. now I what to do with some of my fabric scraps.

meta-lodestar said...

Totally dig that album cover of yours! great inspiration.

RachelDenbow said...

I love this! So creative to stitch on top of fabric and then cut it out. Love it.

Marr said...

ingenious!! :)

jacQ said...

hi thanks everybody for the kind comments! Of course you can lift all you want starlight :) heh heh....

Tracey said...

HI I have been looking at your blog for awhile aswell and I love your work always inspiring. The fabric album is fantasic! love the idea of cutting the fabric to reveal whats underneath I hope you dont mind if I lift the idea aswell. Also would it be OK if I put you on my blog in places I like to visit? I hope so.
from australia

jacQ said...

hi tracey: Sure! Post away :)