August 23, 2009


We took the girls off to Hort Park again yesterday, O, the delight of being SO near to one of the nicest parks in Singapore. No 45min car journeys to and fro, no squabbling and meltdowns on said long journeys, out and in the park in 20min!
Even though it was predictably hot, it was still a good break, a chance to breathe in some fresh air and to let off some of their pent up energy....
This is K with G in the foreground, but doesn't it look like K has a flouncy skirt?
K and G trying to take a picture with V
So difficult to get both to look at me at the same time!
Trying out with me now...
I love these candid shots
G + K
K on the hippo/dino.... scared of it as usual! haha
G balancing on a toadstool
K with her favorite "purple-coloured flower"
Super happy G

Took some time in the "kawa ore woom" while the kids were playing to make a little album. The album is from HERE, and the papers are from OA. Lots of internal pages and accents to be filled with photos and notes of the built of our new house.

We're having a big cookout here at new house today, so will check back later to post up more pics! :) Have a great weekend!!!

August 20, 2009

[in the making]

Lots and lots of ideas for new projects are waiting to be completed.... they are all swimming in my head right now! So, for prosterity, I will list them out here, so that they are OUT THERE somewhere! haha....

1. Some NEW gumdrop pillow to replenish the ones that are in the K-room at new house. Inspired by THESE lovelies

2. Recently been commissioned to make a more masculine blankie for a 23-yrold... hmm, challenging!

3. I'll be doing a Guest DT slot over HERE next month, so lots of ideas brewing for that!

4. Remember my cheque book cover from long ago, been wanting to update the design for other items - including my "mobile accounting ledger" - Receipt books, Payment vouchers etc. which i always seem to lug around in my bag!

5. Last but not least, the design for the new place has gone through it's double digit re-look and re-evaluation. Somehow, it takes 10 times longer to design your own house than it is for a client! sigh.... Inspiration abounds on the internet, been looking at These, These and These.... nice :)

August 16, 2009

[weekend roundup!]

Another post! heee, hoping to be getting back to the blogging groove. We had a great lunch and catchup session with G's favorite couple... :) Unfortunately, we didn't bring out camera, but they did! So i'm patiently waiting for the pics.
In the meantime, here's what we did today:
I made my very 1st diapercake for SIL's good friend K :) It was really fun putting it together, more of a trial and error, but definately will continue making them! They're really cute!! :)
A little accompanying card with the super appropriate range of paper from OA.
A LO in progress, i'm planning to paint those alphas.... will update!
Found this pics of the 2 girls with ku ku P, hee, perfect for the Wild Card from OA!
An LO of me and G at New House. Documenting the times we're spending here....
Haha... a little reminder that we ought to be going for another vacation soon!
To work off the humongous buffet lunch / tea we had with YK + P, we brought the bikes up to the terrace to let the kids have a cycle..... o, the advantage of an outdoor space!
G gramps looking on in delight.... he is sooo into the girls, it's incredibly sweet how he looks forward to seeing them everyday.
G on her bikeK, not really pedalling yet, content to just push the trike around.

[1st weekend in limbo]

It's been fun staying at 'newhouse' so far... the 2 girls have adjusted remarkably well to the move, and have so far not had any huge meltdowns or displayed too much homesickness to date. We even felt safe enough for G to revisit Punggol this morning as we swung by to pick up some residual mail.
Despite the sporadic drizzle and gloomy skies, we had a good morning at SIL's family day, by the reservoir supporting her company's annual dragonboat race. Heh, although by these pictures, you would hardly see any dragonboats or any supporting for that matter! haha....
A good start - yummy breakfast!!Hah, that's G's appetite for u! I'm so thankful for at least 1 child with absolutely no problems at all in the eating department. She relishes food and can be constantly eating in any given occassion.This one on the other hand, is not really that keen on food, although she loved walking about discovering new sights and sounds.Oooo.. the wonderful cold milo from the milo truck!

Look at those faces!
A pink one please!
This one requested in that "o so shy" voice for a purple coloured teddy bear.... heee
Candy Floss!G went back for 2nds and of course i couldn't resist as well....
we love our pink candy floss
check out our expressions... haha
The end of her 2nd stick of floss...

Some face painting - hearts for K - purple of course!Butterflies, hearts and flowers - all in pink...
Me and K
Chubby cheeks... :)
All in all, a GOOD day....

August 13, 2009

[pictorial journal]

Just to keep a little journal of our move, thoughts, little things that make up life.
Here's a few snapshots of what we've been doing:

Detail of bag.

Just embellished a little bag with fabric scraps. :) Yup, it's those little elephants again! From HERE, and i've still half a sheet left!! heee.

A little bit of greenery is great to look at while taking a break from the computer screen.
Our little home office campout. It has that 60s office-y feel to it somehow! :) I'm so into the chairs, i'm wondering if we'll be able to reupholster them into something like THIS or THIS

August 11, 2009


Finally moved. It's night #02 in the "new house" (nope, not OUR new house but V's granddad's place. It's been called "new House" for the past 20 yrs or so!)
So, it's been a hectic few weeks of living out of increasing boxes, but finally, within a few hours, all our worldly belongings were transported and are now living in the garage of "new house". It's great that there's all this space in the house and we've our own little space in the family hall upstairs. The kids are of course jubilant at having a whole big playroom at their disposal night and day.
Here's the pics of the move:
This one was a little weepy and slightly morose at having to leave Punggol. She was insistent that we have to take pics of 'every little corner'.
A little bit of TLC was needed to restore the cheerfulness.
Instructing me which angles to take, which toys and which furniture to pack.
The actual move..... all our stuff!
Boxes, boxes and more boxes!!!
This little one was in her own little world, she was sooo happy to see all her toys appearing as if by magic from the boxes, transforming an entire floor into a gigantic playroom.
Of course, this kept them suitably entertained and happy for the rest of the moving day!
I love this pic, the classy chinesey decor, totally clashing with the garish girly toys, but somehow, it works! heh....
Meanwhile, we were at the almost empty home...
All gone! Back to the original condition...

We will MISS YOU punggol..... Thanks for all the happy happy memories..... :)