August 20, 2009

[in the making]

Lots and lots of ideas for new projects are waiting to be completed.... they are all swimming in my head right now! So, for prosterity, I will list them out here, so that they are OUT THERE somewhere! haha....

1. Some NEW gumdrop pillow to replenish the ones that are in the K-room at new house. Inspired by THESE lovelies

2. Recently been commissioned to make a more masculine blankie for a 23-yrold... hmm, challenging!

3. I'll be doing a Guest DT slot over HERE next month, so lots of ideas brewing for that!

4. Remember my cheque book cover from long ago, been wanting to update the design for other items - including my "mobile accounting ledger" - Receipt books, Payment vouchers etc. which i always seem to lug around in my bag!

5. Last but not least, the design for the new place has gone through it's double digit re-look and re-evaluation. Somehow, it takes 10 times longer to design your own house than it is for a client! sigh.... Inspiration abounds on the internet, been looking at These, These and These.... nice :)

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