March 31, 2008

[searching searching]

We spent a good part of the weekend house-hunting. For us, it could be a form of wanderlust - we've not really spent more than 2-3 yrs in a fixed location - this apartment that we've been in constitutes the longest time we've spent at any 1 fixed home! :) 5 years. In these 5 yrs, we've designed and built our 1st apartment together, turned our flat into a public gallery, been pregnant twice and had 2 newborns in the aparment, seen it turned from a 2-person pad to a family home.... the 1st home will always be memorable. Even now, i get nostalgic about having to leave it and move on. Call it an occupational hazard, but it's now time again for us to start looking for another potential project. Come the weekend, we're busy scouring the papers, shortlisting properties within our price range, and visiting all the ones that sound promising. So far, there are a few hits and plenty of misses, but the hunt goes on and it's really fun! :) In between all the car trips, there was time to craft, so here's what i have created over the weekend :

Plus, some pics of 2 more commissioned customised ipod / camera cosies :

And all the time my little K is grinning at me :)

O! and a little sneak peek at a submission to memorymakers :)
Some other stuff i've been stitching too - i don't really know what they might become, but they are nice and small and fit into my bag to stitch on the go :)
1. lotus & leaves, 2. all together, 3. big leaf, 4. pink and red felt, 5. red circle, 6. umbrellas, 7. 3 dots, 8. leaves, 9. turqouise button, 10. customised ipod cover, 11. handmade with love, 12. customised goodies, 13. customised camera case, 14. LEAVES, 15. HEART trees applique, 16. PEACH LEAVES

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March 26, 2008


Little miss K has sprouted 2 baby teeth on her lower gums :) She's drooling A LOT and keeps wanting to bite stuff, and the reason for all these are the 2 little beauties that are slightly protruding out now. She's also started to start blabbering something that sounds like 'papa papa'.... Or it's just wishful thinking on V's part!
Despite the general discomfort with her sprouting teeth, we managed to have quite a good long weekend at the park and doing some home crafts (pebble felting!).
love taking pictures of her this way :P
haha - my bossy miss G - telling us what the 'danger' sign on the electrical substation is - her interpretation - "No touching, otherwise you will fall down" ... haha
'papa' and K :)

I started off and finished up some additions to my shop last week - here they are:
BABY blankies - they are really nice and snug! :) loved stitching onto them.

Purple Heart - gosh, i really can't give good titles for my work! :P heh heh... any suggestions are welcome! at the moment, they are all pretty 'matter of fact' uninspiring titles ....

slowly uploading them onto the shop! Do let me know if you'd like any of them... i'll go list them onto my shop!

More pics of the crafty stuff on my FLICKR site ->

March 22, 2008

[customising frenzy]

A few orders from my Etsy store and also some private orders, I've been crafting / LO -ting up a storm these last few days! :) Here are some sneaks of the works that i've been creating (will post the LO once i get my pictures downloaded from the other cam :P)

Customised iPHONE cosies

for a lady in france (yay! my first european order :P)

Mini Artwork
made a border and framed up some of these embroidered artwork. ( i ought to list them too! i've been making too many - i think to date, i've about 20 of them, all in a stack, sans borders.... i really need to finish them up!) If you want to see the rest, look HERE...
In an oak frame?
Photo album covers:
Not exactly a photoalbum, but i though i should get some semblance of order to my many stacks of photos which are just lying around the house, waiting to be either -1. scrapped, 2. given to family, 3. framed up....
It's really easy to do! Just create a 6x4 cover with your favorite pps and embellies, add a title to the page, clip together with some pegs! (if you look closely, you can see i've beautified the pegs with some Amy Butler scraps! :P)

The Girls:
K at 5 + months (Gosh! How time flies, i can't believe she's almost half a year old!)
happy baby, always smiley ... absolutely chubbily scrumptious too *esp after a bath!*
miss G - the ultimate big sista....
love her outfit today!

March 17, 2008

[embroidered stuff]

a quiet weekend spent indoors. We didn't really go anywhere much this weekend, the girls have just recovered from a week long fever, cough, general unwellness. Plus the fact that it rained every single day over the week of holidays also contributed to the restlessness that promoted a weekend of just chilling. G was really funny, she said - are we just going to stay at home the whole day? And after i said "yup", she said " o Goodie!!"... heehee...

Embroidered cloud piece
Finishing off a train blankie for a returning customer! :)
More heart motifs for a baby blankie
More detailed view of the squiggly stitching
Custom order for a Ipod Cosy :)
love how the label sits at the back of the cosy
Her cute little hairdo :)

March 10, 2008

[finishing up some stuff]

Posting has been sporadic due to all the little (and big) kiddos falling ill one after another. First it was the girls, being down with bronchilitis, then it was me with a high fever because of tonsilitis, then finally, V got the worst attack of the lot and has been down with high fever for the whole weekend.
Well, it's a brand new week, i'm in my brand new office (yay!) and i finally completed some of my ongoing projects that have been floating around the house in various stages of completion.
finally finished up this mini album :)
Made this canvas - the idea of painting over the lacy cardstock is from Ali Edwards blog :)
And my most excited completed work - THIS CARDI!!! :) so happy that i'm finally done with it.
I've to post another few pictures of G modelling it.
The girls hamming it up for the camera....

March 09, 2008

[3 year old; 5 months old]

Little G turned 3 on wednesday, and K will be 5 months old today. It is amazing how time flies by so quickly! I was just reminiscing on all those years spent without any children, just the 2 of us, without any responsibilities and commitments. How life seemed to be an endless adventure, we would go on holidays without much planning, just content to soak up the local scene. Now it's so different, we've got these 2 little ones, time seems to be passing by so much quicker with their existence! We measure the years and months and hours and minutes by their age, we see how they develop, mentally, emotionally and physically. It is such a totally different life, one that is enriched daily by little precious nuggets that only us as their parents find particularly amusing and awesome. Of course, it is also filled with countless frustrations and irritations, when life gets a bit OTT and we just strive for that little bit of 'me' time. It's only been 3 years, but what a rollercoaster ride it has been, and will continue to be.... Thank you my little girls, for showing us sooo much of ourselves.... for being in our lives :
in her birthday outfit at school
trying out te cake even before blowing out the candles!
happy birthday :)

K looks pretty excited about the cake too!
gong gong and K
G's friends - E and C - all 3 yr olds :)
*More pics of the party in school can be found on my Facebook site*

Lastly, a dinner party we hosted in our place last week..... thanks to all that came! It was fun :)