March 02, 2008

[in the process]

of making those goodie bags:

really easy to make, i used those pink swirly things (someone please tell me what they're called!), twirled them around simple silver pencils. Voila - a dressy little number fit for a goodie bag! :)

Also completing a toddler blankie for a commissioned piece - for a 5 yr old little boy that like cars :) I've just got to sew on his initials and it's off to those little hands tomorrow night!

G's birthday celebrations | PART 1
we had a fun day out filled with all sorts of stuff for G's 3-yr old bday celebrations. took the duck for a morning out - unfortunately it was drizzly - but it didn't dampen G's enthusiasm. as we predicted, the 1 hr ride was abit of a stretch for her attention span as the last few minutes didn't come soon enough. after that, lunch at our favorite japanese restaurant and a yummy cake afterwards! she was so tired that she fell asleep in the car after lunch.
here's some pics :
can't wait to get onto the duckie! A big thank you to all that came for the morning outing and made her day extra special :)
love this pic of G and V
On the duck in water
Happy Birthday my little grownup 3 (going on 20) yr old! :)
She's so happy with her cake, singing her birthday song and cutting her cake. :)
Can't believe she's already 3! I suppose i will say this for every post on her bday every year - she's growing up too fast and i'm so happy she's such a perfect little child....happy birthday little one - i love you my little poo pi.


monda-loves said...

pink swirly things = pipe cleaners :o)

Natasja said...

O my gosh my little girl turned 3 today as well!!!

Happy B-day to your little girl!!



Je said...

I was gonna say pipe cleaners, but somebody already did! :)

Mel said...

lovely pics.. and cake!

Marr said...

geez, she looks so blissful in the photo taken with daddy. :)

nice work on the blankie. heee... it's for C's boy?

I'll email you on the order for the picaboo. hope I can fit the photos and do some art work for the album! yipee!

a little about me and my life said...

miss seeing you around on LT. hope your doing well.

i just adore your work!

steph said...

I love that blankie!
You are so talented.

Amelia said...

What a creative way to use pipecleaners! Happy belated birthday to Gracie!