March 01, 2008


Attended E's birthday party today. Along with P, S and myself have been close friends since our Uni days, and coincidentally, our children have all been born between 1-2 days of each other! This makes for alot of gift buying, cake cutting and general celebrations all at the same time! Not that we're complaining, we hardly get to meet up through the year due to work and family commitments. Time flies by so quick! Little E is now 2 and that got me reminiscing of what G was like a year ago. How she has changed! A year ago, she couldn't :
1. speak in complete sentences
2. construct a whole imaginary story (complete with actions) and 'read' it to us
3. get onto the internet and surf her favorite websites
4. go to the toilet all by herself
5. write letters (she's able to do A,B,E,F,T and O reasonably legibly now)

Some pics of the girls:

This is G at her 1 yr old birthday partyThis is her today - we were trying out a new hairstyle! :)
this is happy smiley K just recently
This is G about the same age. Look the same?

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Mel said...

i think they look alike except for the eyes. :)G hasn't changed much!