March 22, 2008

[customising frenzy]

A few orders from my Etsy store and also some private orders, I've been crafting / LO -ting up a storm these last few days! :) Here are some sneaks of the works that i've been creating (will post the LO once i get my pictures downloaded from the other cam :P)

Customised iPHONE cosies

for a lady in france (yay! my first european order :P)

Mini Artwork
made a border and framed up some of these embroidered artwork. ( i ought to list them too! i've been making too many - i think to date, i've about 20 of them, all in a stack, sans borders.... i really need to finish them up!) If you want to see the rest, look HERE...
In an oak frame?
Photo album covers:
Not exactly a photoalbum, but i though i should get some semblance of order to my many stacks of photos which are just lying around the house, waiting to be either -1. scrapped, 2. given to family, 3. framed up....
It's really easy to do! Just create a 6x4 cover with your favorite pps and embellies, add a title to the page, clip together with some pegs! (if you look closely, you can see i've beautified the pegs with some Amy Butler scraps! :P)

The Girls:
K at 5 + months (Gosh! How time flies, i can't believe she's almost half a year old!)
happy baby, always smiley ... absolutely chubbily scrumptious too *esp after a bath!*
miss G - the ultimate big sista....
love her outfit today!


Amelia said...

Love the fabric collages! My mixed media one is halfway done, yay! Gracie looks so grown up in her white shirt, heheh!

amytangerine said...

your stuff is so adorable as usual!!!

meta-lodestar said...

gosh G looks so teacher & adult in that outfit... would love the adult version of the top though!! keke

Marr said...

K's such a darling. She really resemblance you lots! :D
BTW, the blankie you've made is awesome. nothing like seeing the real thing. Great job!