March 17, 2008

[embroidered stuff]

a quiet weekend spent indoors. We didn't really go anywhere much this weekend, the girls have just recovered from a week long fever, cough, general unwellness. Plus the fact that it rained every single day over the week of holidays also contributed to the restlessness that promoted a weekend of just chilling. G was really funny, she said - are we just going to stay at home the whole day? And after i said "yup", she said " o Goodie!!"... heehee...

Embroidered cloud piece
Finishing off a train blankie for a returning customer! :)
More heart motifs for a baby blankie
More detailed view of the squiggly stitching
Custom order for a Ipod Cosy :)
love how the label sits at the back of the cosy
Her cute little hairdo :)

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