January 31, 2009

[rustic new year]

We travel up north to my grandparents hometown annually on the 3rd day of the Chinese New Year. As my grandparents get older, they are unable to visit us in Singapore anymore, so this is the only time of the year they get to see all their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
The children love coming back to Tumpat, Kelantan, as it is full of rustic charm. Scenes of cows, rice fields, waterbuffalos, trishaws, goats that roam all over the village, admist higgledy rows of attap houses, playgrounds and beaches feature generously on the daily agenda. There's also the large house, with lots of undiscovered nooks and cranies, to explore and run about. On top of that, every meal is a feast of different foods. To me, they are the comfort food, my favorite sort of cuisine. It is great to see G enjoying and savoring the same type of foods that i love.
Here are the pics of us:

We flew back this time, and during transit at KLIA, we found a quiet playground which the girls loved.
K in the pretend aircraft.
G on the slides
Thanks to F for the crocs top (sooo cute!) and we bought the palazzo pants from Zara Kids.
curious K
The lighting there was perfect for pictures!
Prancing around in the side garden at home, showing off her princess dress.
Livestock wandering about
K walking around the garden and patio
Toys that followed us on all our trips
Pineapple plant in the garden
Meet our 3 month old latest addition to the family.
G's gleeful face
us before dinner.... :)

January 29, 2009


After a double dose meltdown on the 1st day of Chinese New Year, it was with much more preparation and a conscious effort to keep that day as minimal as possible for Day 02. We just couldn't imagine another meltdown and to wake up at 4.30am the next morning for the flight back to Malaysia.
So, here's the pictures of Day 02, mainly just chilling out at Great Grandpa's, not doing much except eating up the new year goodies! :)Little K with swollen eyes due to excessive crying the night before.
She is SUCH a shoe girl - she spent a good part of the morning trying to wear her sister's shoes and here she is, so proud that she's done it! (of course, it was upside down and also her toes were sticking out, but we were so proud she wore them all by herself!)
A really happy Great Granddaddy
G and V having a mock phone conversation
K looking around for her sister
G and the naughty Cow Gong... :)

Hope everybody had a brilliant Chinese New Year and here's wishing all of you a Happy Moo Moo year!!! :)

We're off to Malaysia on the EARLY EARLY morning flight......

January 27, 2009

[CHINESE NEW YEAR 01] *many pics!*

With 2 kids under 4 with no naps the WHOLE day, it is quite a stressful time for us parents. But editing and posting these pictures after the little ones are fast asleep in bed, we truly wonder - is it worthit afterall?
Why doesn't K like to hug me????? prompted this look
K, the ever affectionate one, obliges finally...
which made G really happy.... (notice her ring!)
Our annual family portrait
V with the girls
i love how K does this to us - she will lie her head down on us and cup her little fists onto our chests :) G looks rather pensive here too right?
me and the girls
a nice candid shot.
V took these pics of K.. i love how baby-ish she looks in this pictures! G grew up so quickly that by the time she was 1, she totally didn't look like a baby anymore. I'm glad K is taking her own time growing up, so that we're able to enjoy many more baby months!

The yummy spread for lunch....
A reluctant K with the 2 ku ku's :)
No afternoon nap, but still cheerful K
starting the shopping young!
love these pics taken by P. Thanks too for shopping for a super nice dress that has - 1. long (until past my ankles) length, 2. Pink, 3. Many layers, 4. Princessy.... :) G was delighted with this dress and would wear it to sleep if allowed!
We love it too for it's sexy halter top cut....
clowning around - on a sugar high
princess G :
this is how you sit!
behind the scenes pomelo for the tossing of the "Yu Sheng". :)

Onwards to the 2nd day of Chinese New Year! Where we hope the kiddies will not be sooo sleep deprived! :)

January 25, 2009

[Giveaway Announcement}

We interrupt the daily programming of dressing up as pink fairies and prancing around the house while mama-razzi gets out the camera and takes a gazzilion pics to document the moment, to do a little giveaway drawing :)
G did this herself after discovering that auntie J has gifted her with some fairy clothing that her little daughter (well, not so little now) has outgrew.
Yup, she coordinated the outfit herself, down to the matching socks and shoes.....
Of course no princess will be seen dead without her tiara!
Twirly whirley.....

So without further ado, the comments strips were all cut out, summarly jiggled and tossed into little rabbit's moses basket...
A very curious helper was found...The slip was pulled out...
and i suppose you can't really see who the lucky winner of the giveaway.. so extra help was required...
Here's the lucky winner -

Thanks everybody for playing and it was really really fun reading all the comments! :)

The winner of the RAK is:
Gian said..... can'twait for the sneaks, keeping my fingers crossed.....
Gian - please let me know your address (email to jacqvic@gmail.com) and i'll post you the package asap!

To everybody, as we head off for a scrumptious reunion dinner tonight, have a Wonderful Chinese New Year and i'll post the pics of the girls in their new outfits tomorrow!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!