January 22, 2009

[major delurking!]

Hi there everybody! i'm so happy to have so many people leave comments on my blog! Thank you so much for playing! Lurkers out there - do leave a comment, it'll be great to put a name to those statistics i'm addicted to checking now and then! :P it's really nice to know that so many of you are reading this blog - it really motivates me to keep posting!

So, a heads up to all of you OA fans -go here to increase your chances of winning those OA goodies!!


nichole said...

i am a total lurker/stalker... i admit.

but thank you for all the inspiration! Please please never stop.

Karen said...

Can't say I'm a lurker....this is my first time to your blog!!! But I'll be back....love what I'm seeing! I found you thru OA!!!