January 01, 2009


The year started off really quietly for us :) It was a lazy morning, getting up and having breakfast.... then heading out to a different sort of outdoors. We brought the girls to Peirce Reservoir, the 1st visit for both of them! Here's the pics:
G took this shot. :)
K with her personal stylist - aka daddy
Totally happy to be just walking about.... LOVE those jeans from Uniqlo (thanks P!)
G squirming away from me
All decked out in pink!!! Heh... me that is...
Timer shot.. love how G looks in this pic
walking on roots
G and me again - it's impossible to get a good shot with her!
G on her own.

I love how serene the reservoir is, it was bustling at 9ish in the morning, but from our photos, it almost looks like we were the only ones there :) It was a great way to spend the morning, and we'll definitely be back! Next time i'll be bringing the trike and we can even have a picnic! (only beware the monkeys, who are totally unafraid of human presence and will swipe away any forgotten food)

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