June 30, 2007


G has been waking up in the middle of the night more often nowadays. I guess it's the adjustment back to school, combined with the increased imagination, that keeps her mind going even after she falls asleep. She's definately dreaming more! (she talks quite a bit in her sleep and it's not even mumbling but really articulated sentences - really amusing to eavesdrop on sometimes)
Lately, she's been playacting with her toys quite a lot. Her favorite are still Ginger & Boo boo (her cuddly bolster) and also her two hands (who don't like each other and are constantly trying to get her attention... haha) She's also getting better that expressing herself and is constantly singing songs. We went to the zoo this morning and explored some areas which we've never been to, like the Baboon exhibit (which is a MUST visit for those who haven't been - it's really surreal - an entire 'colony'? of baboons in that 1 space!) and the pymy hippos. Surprisingly, the tigers were really active today, as opposed to their usual nonchalent lounging behaviors, so G enjoyed watching them prowling about and even taking their morning swim. All in all, a great morning out!

G loves balancing - on anything!
daddy sneaking a kiss
this is her 'shy' look - she's also pretty terrified she'll fall off the cow!

*on the pregnancy front - i'm looking and feeling much more pregnant nowadays. The baby's really kicking and somersaulting in my tummy, lots of heartburn too! But i'm eating well.... the nausea is totally gone, i'm either hungry or having a heartburn most of the time! Also been sleeping REALLY early..... tonight is the 1 exception over the whole week - hence the blog inactivity :P

June 24, 2007

[twirly skirt]

Wanted to use this cotton print fabric which i bought at textile centre for quite awhile now. Made this impromptu skirt just after G woke up from her nap. It was done in less than 15min and here's the model wearing it!

[farm visit-lots of pics!]

We went down to my friend S's mushroom farm yesterday morning. It's a lovely secluded area right at the end of the farmways, wonderfully rural, with lots of vegetation and shade. The Wongs are planning on turning this into a place of culinery delight, combining the fun of harvesting local produce with interesting classes and a cool deli. The site definately has loads of potential and i just can't wait till all their dreams for that place materialise!
G looking like a cool rock chick in her bandana :)

farm doors make great photo backgrounds!

this photo is by S, who's also a great photographer!
This is S - the 'lao ban niang' :)

Mushrooms!!! :)

Next to the mushroom farm is an animal resort - it's a fun place for kids, with wild geese ambling around and lots of bunnies to feed and cute puppies to look at.

June 23, 2007

[finally done!]

My very first hand quilted blanket! :) It has been exactly 1 week since i started on this quilt, still remember cutting up the strips last weekend. I've been handquilting the stitches every night, after G sleeps, and it's with a sense of accomplishment to finish up the binding today! :)
So, here's what it looks like:
The strips are pink flannel interspersed with white cotton.
I hand sewed the binding on too!
Overview of the front.
Used a soft lavender flannel for the back :) You can see the parts which have been quilted.
O, i didn't use any interlay for this quilt, as the flannel is quite thick and i felt it will be fun to make a lighter quilt for G.

[daddy's turn]

V heard all abt my 1 on 1 days with G and he wanted his share of it too! So yesterday, we swapped places and i went into the office instead. G was thrilled to have daddy around and here's wat they did:

At the playground

Lazing around at home......

June 21, 2007

[pictorial diary]

We did decoupage in the morning.
Art work from yesterday at pride of place on G's wall

An LO done together over these 2 days :)
our little trip out this morning to the local library :)
Love how these pictures turn out, like those mug shots of fashionistas :) All outfit courtesy of Ku Ku Phyllis - G's best personal shopper!

So proud of her this morning. It was just the 2 of us, and as it's becoming harder and harder for me to carry her, i explained to her that she will have to stick close to me and follow me all over. She was really good, never once letting go of my hand (except in the library), and even sat very quietly at lunch, finishing up her own bowl of rice and soup without much help from me! The only time she needed to be carried was on the way home, between the train station and the house, and even then, she held me tightly as it's easier for me to carry her over my shoulder :) I would really miss these moments when it's just the 2 of us.......

More updates on my crafty stuff later!

June 20, 2007

[in memory of]

my dad's youngest sister, who passed away suddenly yesterday afternoon. The family is still trying to come to terms with the passing and it is moments like this which just can't be articulated in words. Most poignant to me was my grandma's words, just moments a few hours after she said - 'i know it's for the better that she went without much suffering, but my heart refuses to understand this'.....

As a result of the unfortunate turn of events, i'm going to be spending the next few days at home with G. Today has been a real fun day, we spent a whole lot of time together, just me and G. In a way, it's great for the both of us, getting into the groove of each others moods and habits. I explained to her in the morning that i would need to get some worked settled before i could play with her, and to my surprise, she didn't protest, just sat quietly playing with her toys so that i could send out those work emails!

These are today's pics:
painting and finger stamping in the morning
the lil artist at work!
running and playing at the playground in the afternoon.
love that off-shoulder pose! :)

June 19, 2007

[fun LO]

Another LO done recently, using as much stash as i could crammed onto the 12x12! :)
Love using the glossy accent on these chipboard shapes.... the Fancy Pants GIGANTIC pack that came with the SOMO june kit is just ideal for that! And there's still tons leftover!

June 17, 2007

[weekend activities]

We didn't really go anywhere this weekend. G has been having constant diarrhea and was also running a slight fever the last few days. The fever's gone but her stomach's still a bit tender. The good news is that i think she might be toilet trained as a result! She's been telling us everytime she needs to go to the toilet, and have been 'sans-diapers' the whole time she's home. So far, no accidents *fingers crossed* Whether it's down to this spell of diarrhea, or my parents diligent toilet training, i'm really hoping this is IT!

Here's what we did this weekend :
G insisted on having a photoshoot with her Ginger Miao Miao
Clowning around
This is her usual hyperactive self!
We took out my stash of new stuff and did some scrapbooking together
close up of the LO - the reflectivity of that hambly doesn't photograph well :PAn altered USB packaging turned pencil holder!
That's pronounced - Cute - tee....
Started this flannel and cotton quilt inspired by THIS.
I thought i'd try my hand at hand-sewing the lines - it's taking longer than expected, but i quite like the effect!
remember my wierd looking bag - it's completed! Now i just need to devise a way of carrying it - maybe a wrist strap?

*eta : have also started being quite firm with G. We have tried the negotiating route for far too long i feel, and this weekend, she's really pushing all the buttons to produce 2 exasperated parents! We finally tried what the nanny books say - no more choices, firm reprimands, naughty corner, ignoring her cries - and yesterday was a series of recurrent tantrums and showdowns, but surprisingly, after trying a tantrum ONCE this morning, the rest of the day has passed by really fruitfully! No more wingeing, no more tantrums, just a cooperative happy child - I do hope it's going to last!