June 24, 2007

[farm visit-lots of pics!]

We went down to my friend S's mushroom farm yesterday morning. It's a lovely secluded area right at the end of the farmways, wonderfully rural, with lots of vegetation and shade. The Wongs are planning on turning this into a place of culinery delight, combining the fun of harvesting local produce with interesting classes and a cool deli. The site definately has loads of potential and i just can't wait till all their dreams for that place materialise!
G looking like a cool rock chick in her bandana :)

farm doors make great photo backgrounds!

this photo is by S, who's also a great photographer!
This is S - the 'lao ban niang' :)

Mushrooms!!! :)

Next to the mushroom farm is an animal resort - it's a fun place for kids, with wild geese ambling around and lots of bunnies to feed and cute puppies to look at.

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:) said...

hi there! just popped by to say hi! so busy at the farm that I don't stop to take pictures.. love the ones you took :)