June 20, 2007

[in memory of]

my dad's youngest sister, who passed away suddenly yesterday afternoon. The family is still trying to come to terms with the passing and it is moments like this which just can't be articulated in words. Most poignant to me was my grandma's words, just moments a few hours after she said - 'i know it's for the better that she went without much suffering, but my heart refuses to understand this'.....

As a result of the unfortunate turn of events, i'm going to be spending the next few days at home with G. Today has been a real fun day, we spent a whole lot of time together, just me and G. In a way, it's great for the both of us, getting into the groove of each others moods and habits. I explained to her in the morning that i would need to get some worked settled before i could play with her, and to my surprise, she didn't protest, just sat quietly playing with her toys so that i could send out those work emails!

These are today's pics:
painting and finger stamping in the morning
the lil artist at work!
running and playing at the playground in the afternoon.
love that off-shoulder pose! :)


PROLIX said...

mes condoléances.

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irene said...

my deepest condolences

Scrappy Days said...

My deepest condolences. Prayers for your dad and your family.