June 30, 2007


G has been waking up in the middle of the night more often nowadays. I guess it's the adjustment back to school, combined with the increased imagination, that keeps her mind going even after she falls asleep. She's definately dreaming more! (she talks quite a bit in her sleep and it's not even mumbling but really articulated sentences - really amusing to eavesdrop on sometimes)
Lately, she's been playacting with her toys quite a lot. Her favorite are still Ginger & Boo boo (her cuddly bolster) and also her two hands (who don't like each other and are constantly trying to get her attention... haha) She's also getting better that expressing herself and is constantly singing songs. We went to the zoo this morning and explored some areas which we've never been to, like the Baboon exhibit (which is a MUST visit for those who haven't been - it's really surreal - an entire 'colony'? of baboons in that 1 space!) and the pymy hippos. Surprisingly, the tigers were really active today, as opposed to their usual nonchalent lounging behaviors, so G enjoyed watching them prowling about and even taking their morning swim. All in all, a great morning out!

G loves balancing - on anything!
daddy sneaking a kiss
this is her 'shy' look - she's also pretty terrified she'll fall off the cow!

*on the pregnancy front - i'm looking and feeling much more pregnant nowadays. The baby's really kicking and somersaulting in my tummy, lots of heartburn too! But i'm eating well.... the nausea is totally gone, i'm either hungry or having a heartburn most of the time! Also been sleeping REALLY early..... tonight is the 1 exception over the whole week - hence the blog inactivity :P


Scrappy Days said...

Oooh I love her 'shy' look. So sweet!

Yap. Heartburn is really a pain! Take small meals and plenty of water. Take care.

Marr said...

she's so sweet!! :) love her dimples.
Tell me about the stage. mine is super active and rumbling all over my womb! Keeps making me wonder what's so fun in my womb that she's moving so much.