April 29, 2009

[girl's night out]

In the last week, i brought G out, just the 2 of us, to a girls' lunch out, and then to a girls' night out! It was really great, she was totally thrilled to be going out for an 'adult' outing. My friends were thrilled (well, at least they looked thrilled :P) to see her. :) After both outings, i realised that i've totally enjoyed myself with my 1 to 1 time with G. She's so different, no jealous tantrums over her little sister, no vying for attention, no naughty behavior (well, almost none!) and lots and lots of indepth girlie conversations. It was so fun! I'm a lucky mummy....
Anyways, here are some pictures of the dinner (courtesy of auntie j - priceless moments indeed!)
G with Aunties J and SP (we all shared an apartment in the early - mid 90s, it was soo great to meet up after all these years! Thanks to FB :)
me and G
haha, hippo and G :)
my lil 4 yr old.

Here's a LO done with all October Afternoon, in the DT intro over HERE.

I'm in love with the rubons and stickers for OA. You HAVE to also check out the cloud paper.. so versatile and super cute! :)

April 26, 2009

[photo box tutorial]

A little tutorial about the photo box. This will make a great gift for friends or family, or just use it as a way of sorting out your photos!Step 1: Begin by scoring your paper. I used OA papers, but any 2 sided patterned paper will do. Mark and score on 1 side - 4x6" rectangle , then add the thickness of your stack of paper (for mine, it was 1"); Allow at least 3" on all sides after that for the cover. Cut through as shown.
Step 2: Flip the paper around and start to fold them together based on the score marks.
Step 3: Fold in the sides and glue them down.
Step 4: This is what the assembled box looks like.
Step 5: Wrap your stack of photos with a ribbon and insert into the box. It should fit quite snugly, otherwise just use a tissue to wrap up the photos, it will hopefully absorb a 'too loose' fit.

Fold up shut and then embellish with tags.
I used a few layers of patterned paper and then a printed out tag, inked them up and then affixed to the ribbon.
That's it! :) Perfect for gifting...Did this LO this morning, I LOVE these pics of G and V. She really really is a Daddy's Girl. Just the pics tell it all!:)

At G's insistence, we also made some play-date invite cards:

Love the OA papers - sooo cute right!

April 25, 2009

[free weekend... ]

It's our 1st 'free' -ish weekend in a LONG time! heh... it was good to take a break finally and have that full 8 hour sleep every night (well, except last night, when K insisted on milk every other hour!)
Here's what we've been doing during the week...

We created a little cardboard house using a corrugated cardboard box. :) G loves doodling on the box, she drew in the door, windows and even a doorbell with a person hanging on to it.
V made the "furniture" with her using the lego pieces. There's a TV (with lightning mcqueen show no less!) and some wardrobes
A scooter and a baby car

Here's K roadtesting my MM cutter!A dear friend of mine was visiting from the UK, so i bought this from HERE and "tompang" her freight! :) They make the cutest kits and for all that know london, these are the infamous trellick towers - an architectural gem (something like the pearlbank towers in singapore)
Remember my box tutorial HERE? I made more....
This is a newborn baby giftbox. Papers, rubons are from October afternoon, Hambly and Heidi Swapp.
K sitting and watching the telly...
Getting bored and playing with her playdoh (without the dough, cos mama's too lazy to clean up!) icecream maker
Lastly, i've been making some prototype bags for a convention in July. :)
Yup, up-cycled T-shirt sleeves with some lace and satin ribbons! How's that for earth-day love!

Also, pop by HERE *2peas and Hambly contest* and HERE *lots and lots of OA* for more recent LOs.

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

April 21, 2009


Some videos of the playdate. :) So funny watching their little conversations.

April 19, 2009


G had her 1st ever self-arranged (well, with lots of mommy help of course) playdate! It was sooo cute, watching her talk to her best friend from school (also G!) and to arrange to come over to our place over the weekend for a playdate. :) She was SOO excited, counting down the days to the weekend, every morning she will declare - it's .... many sleeps left before G comes over to our place! Haha... according to the other mom, it's the same scenario over at their house!
The girls were at first a bit shy (i guess it's a different environment after all) but after some cookies and juice, the ice was broken and it was 3 and a half hours of solid play before we managed to drag them apart!
It was definately a fun morning for G and she was so upset that it had to end. We left with promises for more playdates and perhaps a different setting of the beach or pool. :)

Here's some pics of what they did:
putting up a puppet show called - "the Bananas Cooking Show!"
Getting all sweaty and warm playing INSIDE *roll eyes* of my walk in wardrobe....
look at how many toys they managed to stuff in there....Eating brownies fresh out of the oven.

Just completed this card - i think it's pretty apt in this post!
Lots of October Afternoon, Heidi Swapp and Hambly rubons :)

April 14, 2009

[not forgotten!]

Sorry for being not up-to-speed with my blog posts! I've missed putting down my thoughts here....
Life has just stepped up a notch, work got really busy and the little kiddies had lots of playtime with each other over the long weekend. Unfortunately, this means that there are less computer time!
Anyways, been doing lots of crafting, plus 2 more good-mail days, here's some pictures of what has happened!
lots of crafting. This is translated from G's drawings. I LOVE her drawings! She's getting really good at them and i'm constantly amazed at all the little details in them. I'm definately going to embroider her sketches of houses, people and dollies :)
Here's another photo box + Tag = i'll be putting up a tutorial of how to make the box soon (nope, it's not from a diecut)
A fabric / craft swap.... :) Can't wait for mine to arrive!!

2 projects have been featured in this latest issue :)
happy happy dance - 100% cute.
Wedding box I made some time ago....
Here's the bounty that came with the 2 magazines - soo generous!!! :)
plus, another package came from a spree that i was tempted into joining at HS! :) Imagine, it was sooo cheap that my postage came up to be 3 times the cost of the products! hahaha.....

So, lots of goodies for more giveaways! :) Take note of it... it's coming.. i promise *wink*

April 09, 2009

[GOOD mail day!!!!]

You should see my face when i received this from the unsuspecting postman! heh heh.... i was ALL huge smiles and dancing about.... especially AFTER opening the package!! look at this!

I know it's a few shipments rolled into 1, but it's enough to make 1 hyperventilate right!!!! So much OA goodness, so much OA love!!! They are a really swell company and i'm 1 lucky girl!!! :)
So much goodness = instant mojo! Heh... here's what i've done.
For some Pub calls.. it's a bit strange doing Xmas projects soo early in the year, but strangely liberating too!

A little pressie for close friends or relatives - this will be great for grandparents who are not tech savvy enough to keep browsing online!

For a swap - i'll post more details of this soon - but these are soo darling right! You know what they are?? Heh.

Okay, so, given that i've been given SO many yummy goodies from OA, i will be definately sharing the love here on my blog. Thanks for the comments at the previous post, i am so happy to hear from my readers and always so humbled and thrilled to see what you like and get inspired by. Thanks so much for commenting!!! :)

Watch out for some OA giveaways coming right up soon!