April 03, 2009


Hmm.... my macbook has broken down AGAIN! arrrgh.... previously, it was due to a faulty hd, which has since been replaced. This time around, it is probably some sort of software problem, as i've no problems looking at the harddisk from V's comp. In anycase, i'm not back to regular blogging until it is fixed.. sigh.

Owell, I've lots of pics, lots of ongoing sewing for those fabric albums coming up!

AND, i've just started out on this new site - www.emmalinebride.com - do check it out if you (or someone you know) is planning for a wedding! I'm under 'lovenest' category (the price is wrong, but the link is working!) There are some really cool finds there.... :)

check back soon!


mein™ said...

Hey dear! I have been meaning to tell you that I love your blog and works :p Especially love it when you post pix of your little ones. Baby K is a doll! She has a knack of looking all hot and bothered, sweaty plastered by half-time. You are a miracle juggler! Xoxo, Elaine

marr said...

hugs to you Jacq. :D hope the svc ctr fix your macbook soon. take care