April 29, 2009

[girl's night out]

In the last week, i brought G out, just the 2 of us, to a girls' lunch out, and then to a girls' night out! It was really great, she was totally thrilled to be going out for an 'adult' outing. My friends were thrilled (well, at least they looked thrilled :P) to see her. :) After both outings, i realised that i've totally enjoyed myself with my 1 to 1 time with G. She's so different, no jealous tantrums over her little sister, no vying for attention, no naughty behavior (well, almost none!) and lots and lots of indepth girlie conversations. It was so fun! I'm a lucky mummy....
Anyways, here are some pictures of the dinner (courtesy of auntie j - priceless moments indeed!)
G with Aunties J and SP (we all shared an apartment in the early - mid 90s, it was soo great to meet up after all these years! Thanks to FB :)
me and G
haha, hippo and G :)
my lil 4 yr old.

Here's a LO done with all October Afternoon, in the DT intro over HERE.

I'm in love with the rubons and stickers for OA. You HAVE to also check out the cloud paper.. so versatile and super cute! :)

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Anonymous said...

you totally rock those OA papers... so deserving to be on the DT!! *huggies*

G's growing up so fast...