January 31, 2007

[linear blooms]

Couldn't resist these, so over lunch, went out to get all kitted out for a quick lunchtime sewing session. Only took 10min to make these lovely lovelies :)

i think they look swell on my green pearly bag! :)

January 29, 2007

[another weekend]

Gosh! time really flies by. Another weekend and it's the last one of January! Don't even know what we've achieved so far in the new year!
Well, my little miss independent has definately grown in leaps and bounds (literally!) over the past few months. Even S, whom we visited over the weekend - says that 2 weeks ago she was only speaking in single/double words - and now she's jabbering on in full sentences!

I know i promised a peek at wat i've been doing for the DT assignments.... I don't think i can show them here until it's up on the respective website, but here are some Sneakie Peekies!

January 27, 2007

[working hard]

Promise to check back in exactly 3 days - where i will have all the yummy stuff i've done for the kit clubs that I'm on -> zingboom, storyofmyown & scrappintrends! :)

January 24, 2007

[family trips]

Just back from a 4 day long weekend to KL - love the city! it's great for shopping, the urban planning is intricately messy and we get to take 50% off everything due to the favorable exchange rate! :) Only downside to the trip was the horrendous traffic and seasonal flooding (which got vic a bit worried abt his car stalling) All in all, a great weekend catching up on family - it was a huge yeo clan that met up in KL - in honour of 'chi chi's wedding :)

On another note - guess what i came home to? - not 1, not 2 but FOUR kits!!!! YES! all my DT project kits have arrived at the same time - i'm spoiled for papers, embellishments, stamps and ribbons! They are all gorgeous in their own way and i can't wait to get scrapping with them! *will insert pic soon!*

AND - lots of people have been asking abt the mounted stamps - so, i'll do a mounted stamp *tutorial* in my next post! :)

[good mail day!]

Have to catch up on my posts :D so here's another one for today. Guess what i came home to after that long weekend? GOOD MAIL!!! heehee, 4 full kits in the post! i'm a lucky duck :)
So, pics galore-

This is the lot of them! (only one missing is from cocoadaisy)

first off - ZingBoom - Lovely lovely stuff! :) Love the prima pps, the flocked wallpaper, those really cool screenprints, the vintagey flowers and bits and bobs, the really nice AddOns :) can't wait to start working on them!

2nd on the list - scrappintrends This is a mini project kit, cos the DT rotates and we get the full kit every other month. But i love the Nude Pegs and those FP pps! :) another altered item ... i love doing those :)

Lastly - Story Of My Own these arrived in a huge parcel and they are totally gorgeous! all those papers, the paint and that chipboard swirls! :) can't wait to play with them too.....

So now the question is - which do i start with first??? :) ooo the dilemma.... :)

[mounted stamps tutorial]

Since there's been a lot of pple (ok, not a lot, just more than 5) asking abt how did i do the mounted stamps, i decided to do a mini-tutorial here :)

things you'll need - 1.1cm Thick Balsa (not BASE!) wood; 2. UHU glue (or any other liquid glue); 3. Sandpaper; 4.Metal Ruler; 5.Penknife; 6.StampPad; 7. Stamp; 8. Cutting Mat

Step 1 - measure and cut the balsa wood to required width. (scratch marks were by Gracie - haha... she got a bit carried away with the metal ruler...

Step 2 - 2 equal sizes of Balsa Wood

Step 3 - Ink and stamp on one half of Balsa Wood (remember which direction)

Step 4 - Glue both pieces of wood together and of course the rubber stamp too!

Step 5 - For the finishing touch - use sandpaper to go round the whole stamp, smoothing out the imperfections (o! make sure the inked wood is dry first :P)

Lastly - store them all in a great case! :) heehee here's the lot i did earlier!

Remember to post yr creations on yr blogs and send me a link! :)

[silly mummy]

ok, this silly mummy has actually typed a whole lot of stuff that is meant to be for a post on our trip to KL, but have forgotten to click 'PUBLISH' before leaving for work this morning!! which is why this post will have minimal text and just pictures -for now! :)

grandparents in typical KL streetwalk cafe - loving the 'kolo' mee :)

some snapshots of G bouncing around on the hotel bed :)

January 18, 2007

[classes - UPDATES]

ok! so i think i've finally got enough pple to make up 1 class.... the inaugral session to be held sometime in Feb.
In view of it being the 'valentine's day' month, i thought the class could work around a basic theme :) So, lots of hearts and little heartwarming stuff...

Here's some basic info
(there are still openings, so please email me if you're interested!):
When : 3rd Feb (tentatively confirmed) / 10th Feb / 24th Feb
When : 3hrs 2-5pm
Where: Punggol (my humble home!)

What Part 1 - topic of class "i *heart* ?"
What Part 2 - you will learn techniques of layering, funky collaging, distressing, embroidery, sewing, stamping :)
What Part 3 - what to scrapbook? there will be interesting fun games to scrap abt different *heart* events - things to make you think out of the box!
What Part 4 - what to bring? please bring along favorite photos - doesn't matter if they're not of the same event; adhesives; alphas that you want to use. Or any other products which you're just dying to try out!! :)

Price - $50 (includes 1 kit for creating at least 3-4 LOs and 1 minibook)

Here's a little sample of what i've done with some products in the kit that will be given out during class!!! :)

Had so much fun picking it out and hope you'll all love to use it too! :)

January 15, 2007

[stamping frenzy]

some LOs done late into the nite yesterday. only one up in the house, something that rarely happens :) i quite like these, although i'm still on the hunt for the best way to document these scrap pages - do u photograph them or scan them? (if u see the ones that have buttons, they came out a bit blurry.. :P) I'll try out the picture route with the LOs to compare soon..... :)

{10am candid} haha this title came to me as i'm putting down the alpha stickers! love it lots :) love the 'strike a pose' look of this picture :)
{favorite treat} kinda collagey and fun - love the sunmaid label :)
{playtime - another one for the Korea album :D the pics are blurry... this time it wasn't the scanner's fault :P

January 14, 2007

[more pictures]

the weather made it difficult to go out, it has been raining the whole day. visited the indoor playground this morning at Orchid CC - it's a fantastic space for G! She absolutely loved climbing in and out the play structures, playing with the slides, running around in the fully padded play compound. Best of all, we arrived just when it opened, so had the whole space practically to ourselves! :)

[happy part #2]

more stuff that make me happy :
mounting my rubber stamps onto wooden blocks :) i dislike the finicky-ness of unmounted stamps, so this makes me incredibly happy! And they're really easy to make - just cut airfix 'balsa' wood to size, glue and stack!
organising my scrap stash :) opened up my storage boxes to sort out my scrap stash. nice and neat!

January 13, 2007

[before & after]

somethings just make me VERY HAPPY :) like:


haha.. yes, i'm easily pleased :)

[new discovery]

Went for a nice lazy brunch with good friend S and baby E. It was a really great morning! The after rain air was crisp and fresh without being overly humid, the kiddies were thrilled to be able to run wild (at least mine was :P) and to top it up, there were very few pple out and about as it was threatening to rain (again!). The place we 'discovered', or rather S introduced to us - is none other than Bishan park! It's a great place, lots of properly landscaped grounds, a dog run (although we didn't see any dogs today), an outdoor playground (for next time) and great food (portions were meagre though). Best of all, we found out abt a SPA!!! :) We mums were busy plotting the next time we could visit and have a baby-free treat... lol...
So, here are some pics:
typical - everybody looking everywhere but at the camera :)
feels like a resort somewhere in bali
i didn't crop this pic - really!

happy baby E
note on the last pic - in anticipation for #2 - G didn't look too happy that daddy is carrying another baby, she kept a watchful eye on the 2 of them and refused to be distracted; even by a xmas pressie from S! :) we had a taste of what it would be like with 2 instead of 1.... (not that i'm expecting - although my mum would say i look like i am! ||>.<||)

January 12, 2007

[new stamps = new layouts]

Sprees are when we get a group of likeminded friends together to buy online at a US scrapshop. Lately, there has been plenty of seasonal sales going on the online shops, and who could resist a 25% sale off all items? haha... so, i splurged...
Just received my stamps last night from purpleonion and they are gorgeous! Can't get good stuff and not scrap right? So here are the results :

January 10, 2007


Been getting some requests about whether i'm conducting any scrap classes. At the moment, i've got an ongoing slot available at TVC. However, i also do private lessons, which will need at least a minimum of 4 students per lesson (abt 3 hrs) The price of the lesson will cover all supplies (including an exclusive kit!) Sounds like fun? Leave a comment or email me if you want to find out more! :)


Just wanted to tell everybody that leaves a comment on this blog - thank you! :) your comments are very appreciated and treasured. It has been a pretty amazing time for me, to be 'online' and to have so many pple drop by to visit! (pl leave a comment! :) i love reading them :P)

I'm slowly getting into the hang of blogging and with the new year, one of my resolutions will be get myself more involved with the scrapping world - posting LOs, submitting for pubcalls etc...

So, here's to a great year ahead!

January 09, 2007

[latest pics]


this is wat G will say when you tell her - better not do 'this or that'. She'll go - OTHERWISE?? haha... lol..

just did this layout last nite - nope, not a fishing for compliments statement, but just wanted record G saying something really innocently. I'm sure she doesn't really understand what 'pretty' is, but just says that because we laugh and kiss her when she does that. O, the age of innocence! :)

[one layout a month]

heehee, decided to start 2007 by doing 1 layout every month! :) they'll be of things that happened that month, just as a record of our family pics..... will try to take 1 pic every month at least of us together.
--> it's over on the sidebar :) TFL!!!

January 07, 2007

[self portrait]

Another Layout done from the pics from the National Musuem visit - see blog entry below..

I'm really pleased at how this self-portrait turned out :) on the hunt now for other big mirrors :) anyone has one i can borrow?

January 04, 2007

[photo op]

another LO! haha i'm on a roll - this one is for the WRMK tryouts - well, not really what i submitted, but since i've already stocked up on all their new papers :P

[zingBOOM DT layouts]

So thrilled to be on the Design Team for this gorgeous kit - i had a lot of fun creating the LOs and the best thing abt it is that the rest of the ladies on the team are FUN and incredibly talented! I feel so honoured to be part of this creative venture. So, here's what i did with the kit :

there's a story behind White Poo layout - lol - it's not disgusting! Promise! It all happened when auntie B sat on the beanbag, and it burst! G went - i want to catch all the white poo poo!! :) i laughed till my tummy hurt :P