January 24, 2007

[family trips]

Just back from a 4 day long weekend to KL - love the city! it's great for shopping, the urban planning is intricately messy and we get to take 50% off everything due to the favorable exchange rate! :) Only downside to the trip was the horrendous traffic and seasonal flooding (which got vic a bit worried abt his car stalling) All in all, a great weekend catching up on family - it was a huge yeo clan that met up in KL - in honour of 'chi chi's wedding :)

On another note - guess what i came home to? - not 1, not 2 but FOUR kits!!!! YES! all my DT project kits have arrived at the same time - i'm spoiled for papers, embellishments, stamps and ribbons! They are all gorgeous in their own way and i can't wait to get scrapping with them! *will insert pic soon!*

AND - lots of people have been asking abt the mounted stamps - so, i'll do a mounted stamp *tutorial* in my next post! :)

1 comment:

flyingmichelle said...

wow a 50% off vacation shopping spree? sounds like a blast to me.

so jealous that you got 4 kits in a day....happy mail day for you.
can't wait to see the end products.