January 03, 2007

[1st blog in 2007]

Technically, it's the 2nd blog - but nvrmind..

The whole Xmas and New Year season has passed by in a flash - in fact, the whole of 2006 seemed to have gone by way too fast! Too much working (too many things happening); G growing up so quickly; Too many hobbies :P BUT, i'm grateful for what we've achieved the past year (personally and career-wise)

It's been also a fun filled year for me - i've started up my own creative pursuits with a vengeance (before G it was pottery and other crafty stuff) - scrapbooking has really taken my 'hobby' into a new realm. It is so amazing how much the internet makes possible all these 'cottage crafts' (for want of a better term :P) This past year alone, i've been in touch with people from all over the world; been inspired by and hopefully been inspiration for all the anonymous and online pals; been able to connect and share different viewpoints abt creating memories.... gosh, this is sounding so sentimental! LOL....

So, what better way to start the NEW YEAR than with PHOTOS!!!

photos taken at the National Museum - Love this public space! Good architecture can really bring a smile to my heart and make me realise the greatness of our profession. (although there are WAY too few of these moments in Singapore - sadly)

Love taking pictures in this fully a/c environment - the daylights and muted yet intricate background make the perfect backdrops. And the art + artefacts on display are so different and tastefully presented too! All in all - KUDOS to a very well established local architecture firm!

This was taken on a detour on the way home. For all my architecture friends, this will not be an unfamiliar project. For the non-architects - this is what the Lasalle-SIA city campus looks like now. It was the first Major competition that me and vic (together with the team in our ex-office) won when we first got back from London. It was because of this project that we stayed on for way longer than required. The architecture promises to be a very exciting and totally unconventional building - the likes of which is not really seen in Singapore (for this, the client had total faith in our work and was fully supportive of all design initiatives). I've worked on this project for a full 2 years, in a way - it's like a baby that i'm only now seeing the face of. The feeling is of joy, yet tinged with sadness, as I'll probably now only be participating in it's enjoyment as an external party, even though i know it's smallest detail. Even so, I'm very proud to have been a part of the team that designed this building, and i can't wait for it to be finally completed! :D

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your pics are very nice!