January 12, 2007

[new stamps = new layouts]

Sprees are when we get a group of likeminded friends together to buy online at a US scrapshop. Lately, there has been plenty of seasonal sales going on the online shops, and who could resist a 25% sale off all items? haha... so, i splurged...
Just received my stamps last night from purpleonion and they are gorgeous! Can't get good stuff and not scrap right? So here are the results :


Anonymous said...

ooooh, gracie looks so cute in pigtails. fabulous layouts as usual:)

flyingmichelle said...

how fun are these layouts?
they are great.
love the purple onion too.
i can't believe they had all stamps 25% off...what a deal!
have fun with them and can't wait to see what else you come up with.

zingBOOM said...

Wow, jac, everything you do is so magical.