January 15, 2007

[stamping frenzy]

some LOs done late into the nite yesterday. only one up in the house, something that rarely happens :) i quite like these, although i'm still on the hunt for the best way to document these scrap pages - do u photograph them or scan them? (if u see the ones that have buttons, they came out a bit blurry.. :P) I'll try out the picture route with the LOs to compare soon..... :)

{10am candid} haha this title came to me as i'm putting down the alpha stickers! love it lots :) love the 'strike a pose' look of this picture :)
{favorite treat} kinda collagey and fun - love the sunmaid label :)
{playtime - another one for the Korea album :D the pics are blurry... this time it wasn't the scanner's fault :P


susannah said...

Again, I LOVE your work! Love the Sunmaid label- I'm going to have to scraplift that idea- my 2yr. old is a raisinaholic! This is my new favorite blog- so much inspiration! I check it out everyday now! Thanks!

mel said...

i love them all!

brenda-Mae Teo said...

wow - you are super productive! fabulaous layouts. all of them ;)

SageHen said...

As always I love your style.

Jillian Marie said...

Hi Jacqueline! Stumbled across your blog tonight, your work is beautiful! I recently purchased some Purple Onion stamps myself, was wondering if you could go into a bit more detail about just how your mount your stamps. I am particular to mounted also. Thanks a million!