January 24, 2007

[mounted stamps tutorial]

Since there's been a lot of pple (ok, not a lot, just more than 5) asking abt how did i do the mounted stamps, i decided to do a mini-tutorial here :)

things you'll need - 1.1cm Thick Balsa (not BASE!) wood; 2. UHU glue (or any other liquid glue); 3. Sandpaper; 4.Metal Ruler; 5.Penknife; 6.StampPad; 7. Stamp; 8. Cutting Mat

Step 1 - measure and cut the balsa wood to required width. (scratch marks were by Gracie - haha... she got a bit carried away with the metal ruler...

Step 2 - 2 equal sizes of Balsa Wood

Step 3 - Ink and stamp on one half of Balsa Wood (remember which direction)

Step 4 - Glue both pieces of wood together and of course the rubber stamp too!

Step 5 - For the finishing touch - use sandpaper to go round the whole stamp, smoothing out the imperfections (o! make sure the inked wood is dry first :P)

Lastly - store them all in a great case! :) heehee here's the lot i did earlier!

Remember to post yr creations on yr blogs and send me a link! :)


Mel said...

Thanks to your help, I managed to do up a couple of mine too... but I used Base wood and a saw *duh*. But still very satisfied with the results. :D You can see a picture of my mounted stamps here:http://rangersmummy.blogspot.com/2007/01/im-crazy-like-that.html

Thanks again!

Irene said...

JacQ, thank you so much for the tutorial. Will head down to Art Friend today to find the balsa wood.. (praying hard it's not OOS)

Jillian Marie said...

Wow, how great of you to share!!! I was one who asked ....what a nice surprise when I dropped by today, thanks so much!!!