January 13, 2007

[new discovery]

Went for a nice lazy brunch with good friend S and baby E. It was a really great morning! The after rain air was crisp and fresh without being overly humid, the kiddies were thrilled to be able to run wild (at least mine was :P) and to top it up, there were very few pple out and about as it was threatening to rain (again!). The place we 'discovered', or rather S introduced to us - is none other than Bishan park! It's a great place, lots of properly landscaped grounds, a dog run (although we didn't see any dogs today), an outdoor playground (for next time) and great food (portions were meagre though). Best of all, we found out abt a SPA!!! :) We mums were busy plotting the next time we could visit and have a baby-free treat... lol...
So, here are some pics:
typical - everybody looking everywhere but at the camera :)
feels like a resort somewhere in bali
i didn't crop this pic - really!

happy baby E
note on the last pic - in anticipation for #2 - G didn't look too happy that daddy is carrying another baby, she kept a watchful eye on the 2 of them and refused to be distracted; even by a xmas pressie from S! :) we had a taste of what it would be like with 2 instead of 1.... (not that i'm expecting - although my mum would say i look like i am! ||>.<||)

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Sheena said...

I love the pic of El!!!