April 30, 2007

[it's all in the presentation]

Just wondering - why do my LOs always look better on the DT websites than on my blog? :) heehee i think it's all to do with presentation!
Anyways, so happy to finally be able to share the LOs that i've done with the April SOMO kit - please drop by HERE - and tell me what you think! :) personally, i LOVE the crate paper, the HS signature phrases, the wonderful BG colours, the fun little cosmo cricket postcards ..... do you?
Also, i've some news, but i can't share it right now - please be patient until the 5th May - a.k.a. - National Scrapbooking Day!!! :)
Oh, n i've just created an e-namecard! here it is:
no idea why it's so blur on the blog - irl, it's much clearer! :P

April 28, 2007

[when you're 2.....]

.....a day out in the park is full of possibilities - just this morning, we
1. saw 2 tabby cats that kept mewing for our breakfast
2. chanced upon a mummy cat with 6 tiny 1 week old kittens - they were adorable!
3. discovered 'snail' plants - shrivelled up pods from the angsana tree
4. saw a big bicycle sign painted on the ground and played 'ring o ring of rosies' around them

Even though the nearby pasir ris park was under construction, we still managed to make a good morning trip out of it. No slides and swings, but with the enthusiasm of a 2 yr old, who needs them anyway!

G is still absolutely in love with cats, and it was a fun filled morning, as we scored a visual bounty of 5 big cats and 6 tiny kittens!

And i'm happy, as in anticipation of the crop tomorrow, i've managed to score some prize pics :

April 26, 2007


Just been asked to do a M&T (make and take for the uninitiated) at the next TVC open house! So fun.... lots of ideas spinning in my head. Most likely something 'mother's day' ish as it's just round the corner. Anyways, i think the spaces are all filled up, but do come by for a fun afternoon of scrapping retail therapy! :) *thank you for all those that signed up - i hope you'll have fun!

on another note - i really want to try making one of THESE - don't they all just look too gorgeous! :)

April 25, 2007

[zingboom bada boom]

I actually completed my zingboom DT layouts over the weekend, but i've been sleeping early and working flat out in the day.... so didn't get a chance to photograph them. Even now, i'm a bit annoyed at the way the pics turned out - not enough daylight!!! arrrgghhh....
but i hope it shows up okay on the website - chk them out HERE. Also, the rest of the DT have been busy... click on Gallery to see all the fantastic stuff! :)

April 23, 2007

[good things]

This blog is dedicated to my long time friend P. She's been relentless at marketing her stuff and i'm happy to help out with spreading the word! (of cos, she's also bribed me..... heehee)
We both share the same passion for beautiful classic furniture, crafty stuff, trashy novels and nice big bags.. A few years ago, she left her day job to design and make her own products - lovely luscious soft furnishings, made with the best of materials.... sigh, i can only aspire to one day own one of her fully lined silk quilts. Enough gushing, i'll let the photos do the talking:

Such eye candy....... :)

To find out more abt her - do visit her blog HERE, her online shop HERE and her website HERE.

O plus she's also a GREAT cook! Thanks P for all those fabulous lunches you always manage to whip up seemingly without much effort - nigella lawson style! :)

April 20, 2007


Okay, this is not my 1st commissioned work - as i've just sold some customised albums in my Etsy shop. But! It's the first time i'm doing something for an organisation, not a person! :) Which is pretty fun yet quite nerve wrecking at the same time.
So, anyways, here's what i've done - will be sending them the completed artwork next week - wish me luck! :)

Thanks B for the recommendation! :)

April 17, 2007

[1 zoo trip & 1 bday]

Over the weekend, we visited the zoo again. It's usually a big inertia to get there, but when we're there, G really enjoys the visit - especially the highlight of the visit - that children's play area! Managed to get some good shots - i love the lush greenery of the zoo - it makes the perfect backdrop for pictures.

Here's the shots:

also, we celebrated G's ku-ku's bday over the weekend. Made a little something - which G proudly declared as wat she created with mummy! (funny little girl was so amused by P's expression in the pics - she kept imitating her!)

A little side note - V was really angry with G for drawing all over our dining table, so he said sternly to her - "how many times have i told u not to draw ONLY on paper, not THIS (rapping his knuckles on the table) - wat's this?" guess what she said - "knock knock" .... LOL...... LOL...

O and she's been saying "o My GOSH" a lot lately.... along with "There! over there!"

April 12, 2007


Some things G does that's so exasperatingly cute...
1. "HUGS!!!!" - when she hears our voices over the phone - she'll hug the phone!
2. Vic had a pimple on his face - G asked - 'wat's tat daddy', a pimple came the reply. She pointed to her cheeks and said - Look! I've got them too - my DIMPLES!!! haha... and proceeded to spend a long time after that asking why it's bleeding and why doesn't she have any.....
3. She loves listening to the songs on my computer - her favorites are "yankee doodle" - esp 'called it macaroni' part (her fav food). There's also "clementine" (which is a rather depressing song abt a the miner's daughter that died in a brook) - she'll ask - why "sorry"? why "lost"? and she's rather thrilled that there's the word "tale" in the song too.
4. I think my daughter is addicted to milk - she'll ask for it all the time - like 2 seconds after dinner!

* still waiting for my zingboom kit to arrive.. should be anyday soon!!! :)

April 09, 2007

[g's sayings]

Forgot to add this to my previous post, so i'll start a new one -
G's sayings :
1. I love daddy that's why i cranky for daddy
2. I will do rubon with mummy - like that, like that, like that (when we're scrapbooking)
3. Mummy has a bad stomachache (how do u explain morning sickness to a 2yr old tot?)

there's a lot more, but that's all i can remember now - i think i really ought to carry along a notebook!! :)

[like mother like daughter]

What have we been doing this long weekend - apart from the excursions to the park and pool, me and g have been busy making up layouts! Yes, my little helper is totally enraptured by the notion of 'rubons'. She's got her stash of rubon tools, and whenever she sees me scrapping, she'll insist on sitting on my lap to 'help'! haha... it's been quite enjoyable though, i'll select the rubon, she'll help by pushing the rubon stick around. She's gotten so good at it that she can recognise the rubon packs - my AC rubons, my BG rubons.... haha... at least she's not selecting favorites yet!
So, here are the pics of her helping me:

here's the completed layout:

here's something else i made... (it's an upside down shirt bag!!!)

April 06, 2007

[happy holidays!]

It's a public holiday and such nice weather! We went out for an early morning picnic at botanics followed by a swim.... G absolutely loves the water and even went down the slides! :) She really is very brave - venturing all over the shallow section all by herself, refusing our over protective help. Here's some pics from the morning:

too many things to do, too little time! :) and that drasted weffriddles is consuming too much brain cells!

April 05, 2007

[good mail day]

LOOK what came in the post today!!!! :) Tons of goodies from HERE ...
Woohoo!!!! Can't wait to start creating with them..... love the monthly fix of these yummy October Afternoon stamps. This is one cool kit club that has never let me down!

Thank you *muacks*!

Also, THANKS to all the love and encouraging words left here.... you've no idea how much they mean to me!! :)

April 04, 2007

[not in the Top #5]

Hi everybody! Competition has hotted up and i'm sad to say that i didn't get into the Top 5! I guess the votes just weren't enough. However, i'm really glad to have lasted this far and would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all those that have supported and voted for me all this while..... It's been a fun contest and i've really made some treasures during the various stages of the competition! Above all, it has also allowed me to get to know some of you much more and have really been cheered by all the supportive messages that have cropped up! :) *teary smile* THANK YOU!!!

So, this was wat i did:

April 03, 2007

[mmidol voting is open!]

I can't post my submission over here, as this round is anonymous. But, please head over HERE to vote!!! :)
Totally addicted to this internet riddle game - weffriddles - please be warned (it's terribly addictive! ) thanks M.....

April 01, 2007

[are you sleeping?]

Pregnancy does strange things to your body. I've been getting up at 5am almost every day these last few days. Of course, it could be because i get to sleep at around 930, 10 the latest! :) Anyhow, i'm pretty happy, cos those 2 hrs before the whole household gets up allows me to to catch up on my scrapping!
Alas, i can't show my MMidol Challenge #5, as this round will be an anonymous one - just to say that it's quite an ambitious project, cos of its size. But i'm glad i've got it completed, now all i need to do is to hope for good weather for some decent photos.
But! i can show some other stuff i've been making. She's my very 1st customer at the ETSY shop - she commissioned 2 albums of her little girl. Here's what i did for her:

Accordion album:

4x6 ring bound album:

Please check back at www.makingmemories.com/mmidol tomorrow nite to see what i've created! :)